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poppy1 Posts: 596
Hi Im trying to do birthday invitations on word, and print them on nice paper. Can anyone tell me how to split the page into 4 on word?? So i can print 4 at a time and them cut them later? Thanks a lot
siobod Posts: 331
Hi Poppy, This may not be the easiest way but a quick method would be to go to Tools and then Columns and create 2 columns and then you just adjust it so that you can fit your image in twice on a vertical on one page. HTH
fantac Posts: 4109
or create a 4 celled table and drag it by the corner out to fill the page - then distribute columns and rows evenly (right click on the highlighted table) and remove the borders (right click on highlighted table - borders and shading), makes cutting it up much easier - we did our wedding invites in word!
Barbalou Posts: 1617
Or copy the invitation so that it appears on 4 pages, then set it on your print options...
poppy1 Posts: 596
thanks a mill girls - will try those options