Question about antenatal visits after 35wks

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alton Posts: 3077
At the moment a typical antenatal appointment covers weight, urine sample, blood pressure, doppler for heartbeat and a pat on the bump. I assume that if I go overdue, then I can expect things to get a little bit more invasive. Just wondering, though, if there are likely to be any internal exams (or anything like that) between now and 40 weeks? I'm very squeamish about it, and would prefer to be prepared than surprised. Could anyone fill me in on what to expect?
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
I haven't had any yet anyway but have an appointment this Friday and will be 39w 5d so am kindof expecting something then? Would like to know what's involved though?
chicam Posts: 1169
I'm literally just overdue now and my internal tomorrow will involve the midwife checking if the cervix is effaced (softened) so I don't expect that will be too pleasant but I don't think there's any sharp implements involved other than a gloved hand (TMI I know!). Next week they'll offer me a membrane sweep which I believe is not too nice and can result in bleeding afterwards but tbh, if it gets things going and I'm still overdue next week then I'll be going for it! As for what they check for after 35 weeks as far as I know they have only been checking my blood pressure to check it has lowered, urine to check there's no protein, and the baby's position to make sure it's not breech and hasn't gone back-to-back.