question about blood test results

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aperature Posts: 280
hi girls, had my first visit to the rotunda on wednesday..and had lots of blood taken. just wondering if i ring for results or if they call me if theres a problem? was also having my urine sent to the lab as there was a trace of protein ( and high bp!) i presume they'll call me if theres cause for concern. am i right?
octbride2007 Posts: 774
Hi Aperature, I am going to rotunda as well and had my bllods and urine, done there at 12 weeks. My next visit was my 20 week scan as doing combined care and I just seen the results in my chart and all looked ok. Got no call or anything, presume they would call if there was a problem :wv
Nadie Posts: 1111
I was same as Octbride2007, though I'm in the Coombe. Bloods taken at 10 weeks and results dicussed with me at next apt at 17 weeks. So no need to ring. When is the next apt? Cos if it's 10 weeks away or something they'd probably just get you to come in a bit earlier if there's a problem. Hope you're not worrying. Even if they are concerned about protein they'll just keep a closer eye on you and that's no harm!
Elegance Posts: 2848
aperature... don't worry - they told me that they will only call if there is a problem. so if you don't hear from them, take that as a great sign.