Question about booking a scan myself

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tinyfeet Posts: 3482
My last scan with the CUH was @ 12 weeks & they said I wouldnt get another one at my next visit (going public). So I want to book one myself privately for piece of mind. Was thinking of booking one about 20/21 weeks. I rang Baby Scan in Ballincollig there but they said they would advise to wait till 24/25 weeks because at 20 weeks the babs would still be a bit scrawny. I just want to get it done for piece of mind though to be honest. Any advice girlies?
esmum Posts: 426
They probably think you are looking for a 3d scan. They dont recommend these until 25 26 weeks as baby is scrawny but there is no reason not to have a regular 2 d one . If you call them again and explain you just want the regular ultrasound scan to see baby Im sure they will accomodate you. I had one of these at 10 and 16 weeks for my own peace of mind.
zoey Posts: 1574
Hi Kindanervous - I pm'ed you.
AA11 Posts: 313
I am in cumh as well and I am pretty sure you will get a scan at 20 weeks. This is my second pregnancy and I had a scan at 20 weeks for both my pregnancies. The doctors all have mini scanning machines in their rooms and I got one both times without asking. I think they like to check where your placenta is. Your next visit after that will be at 32 weeks, on my last pregnancy I was scanned at 32 weeks to check the placenta again and the doctor at my 20 week appointment this time told me I should be scanned at 32 weeks again this time, they just like to make sure the placenta has risen to where it should would save you a few bob. You won't get any pictures though, I didn't anyway....I am public by the way... I had an early scan in Ballincollig and they told me they scan from 8-16 weeks for early scans and then in the twenties for the 3d scans but they don't do in between...I'm not sure why.....
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Thanks girls. 15/07/09 I told the woman I spoke to that it was just the normal scan I wanted but she wasn’t really listening I don’t think!! I thought alright that maybe she thought I was asking about the 3D/4D scan. Zoey answered your PM. Thanks again. :thnk AA09, when I was in the CUH the last time (@ 12 weeks) the secretary gave me my date to come back into the clinic & I asked her would I get my scan aswell then. She said no, you wont necessarily get a scan then unless they feel the need to. I was quite disappointed with that! :o( Maybe ill ring again & ask. Might be a worth a try & would save myself €150. Mind you I don’t really care about the mon as long as my babs is ok! :o)ll
AA11 Posts: 313
They won't confirm definitely if you will get a scan because it is at the doctors discretion and he/she just does it themselves in their rooms. It wouldn't be with the big scan machines like where you went for your 12 week scan. But I'm pretty sure the doctor will scan on their own accord and if you ask I couldn't see it being a problem. With ds I also had a scan at 32 weeks and again at 36 weeks. 32 weeks on one of the big scan machines with a sonographer, and at 36 with the doctor in his room....I know how nervous you must be feeling though...I have only really calmed down fully since I started feeling movement.