Question about bottle feeding

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sherwood Posts: 737
Our baby was born 3 weeks early. We were told by midwife that you only prepare one bottle at a time as you need it. That would mean that when babs wakes at 3 in the morning you would have to go and prepare bottle using boiling water and then get it to cool down. That would mean babs having to wait 15 to 20 mins for a bottle which isn't right. Could anyone out there with early babies tell me what they do please. I'm totally lost!
jewellb Posts: 2389
I haven't had my baby yet but my sister in law just had a little boy and she was told to make up the bottles with boiling water left to cool for 30 mins then add formula cool and store in fridge! So she was told make in advance I was There when PHN was there, she has a bottle warmer and stick it in that for 5 mind before giving to the baby, the PHN said the rules change non stop and if she had another it will prob change again !!
sherwood Posts: 737
Thanks a million jewellb
mamajen Posts: 2263
IMO they are being extra cautious. I make up bottles with water and add formula as I need it. If you were to do it that way you'd never be able to leave the house for more than a couple of hours as the bottle only lasts 2 hours!!
limakilobravo Posts: 64
Those guidelines actually changed this year. The HSE guidelines state that you can make your bottles in one go and keep them for 24 hours in the fridge (as long as they're made properly etc). You'll get a copy on the hse website. Think the booklet is called "bottle feeding your baby". The rationale behind making one bottle at a time is that the formula powder isn't sterile and should be added to the hot water (70 degrees) as that temp is hot enough to kill whatever bacteria may be in it. So adding the powder to room temp/chilled water doesn't work
Positive2012 Posts: 481
I was told by two mums to make 6 bottles at a time by boiling the water, pouring into each bottle, and letting cool to room temperature. One of them never heated the bottles for her dd and just added formula as she needed each bottle. The other did heat the bottles and so stored them in the fridge until she needed them.
sherwood Posts: 737
Thanks for all the replies. This is great, at least I have options. Had a bad night with babs last nite in that she would not settle in her basket after her feed at 11.30. This is the second nite. Eventually the only way to get her to sleep for a few hours was on my chest. She hasn't had a dirty nappy since the night before so Im thinking she had a pain. Any opinions or suggestions?
bobby2012 Posts: 644
You need to prepare one bottle at a time in my opinion, always give a fresh bottle. However, you don't necessarily have to use boiling water, there are 2 other ways - 1) use a mixture of boiling water and bottled water (that you buy in a shop, not tap water obviuosly). 2) use boiling water mixed with previously boiled water you keep in a bottle that is cooled down. Obviously you'll need a few tries to get the quantities right for the right temp for your baby.
Snuddlums Posts: 1644
Best off preparing bottles with boiled water in advance and use within 24 hrs.My ds was 5 weeks early and never caused him an issue. In regards to poo,she could be constipated as my ds was prem,the phn said it not uncommon for their bowels not to be working properly.all she advised was brown sugar in oz of water beforeevery 2nd feed,if hasnt gone in the 24hrs then ialternate between an oz of water and an oz with sugar in it before a feed and should help him go,the way she described formula was like a knot in their stomach and harder to break down. His constipation went on for near 2 weeks but when he hit his due date was like a different baby.
sherwood Posts: 737
Thanks snuddlums, that's a great help. Did u completely prepare bottles and store them in fridge and heat as necessary or did u boil water and let cool, store at room temp and add formula as necessary?