Question about contractions

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Miki Posts: 309
Just a quick question for those who’ve given birth before. Im due in 2wks time and cant help but worry about labour/birth and pain, you name it and its on my mind and im worrying about it at the mo. When you start having contractions can you just get pain in your back? I’ve heard of ‘back labour’ before, does this mean the pain is only in your back and not in your tummy?
mammybean Posts: 10364
fsil is due in three weeks and tonight all the sisters were giving advice etc they said it could be pain in the lower back or at the top backs of your legs
EVIE78 Posts: 687
My two labours the pain was all in my back, they started of like period pains . I had no pains in my tummy really . They do say that there is 2 types of labours either u have all your pain to your back or all to your front.
luigi Posts: 867
Mine was all to the front of the bump and down my thighs to the front. It started like an intense period pain and got stronger and stronger. It worked its way from the bottom until it was reaching the top of the bump and every contraction felt like someone was pushing the baby out from the top although for the first 4-6 hours it was sore but bearable so I was lucky that way. Ive heard Back labour is painful and can be quite long so here's hoping you dont get that one! But then any labour can be long :wv
fire fly Posts: 1241
It can be anywhere! 2 of mine were in my back and the middle one was all over the bump! The back ones really feel like (horrible discription but it is!) like you are constapated (sp) the ones around your bump are a bit more bearable cause its easier to support the pain I guess. With my first I got an epidurel (sp again!) it was the worst thing I could have done its so much easier natural, you have control! Good luck and take care of yourself, there's nothing to worry about. A midwife gave me the best advice ever for going to have a baby "leave your dignity at the door!!". Never a truer word said!
Itisasecret Posts: 389
Miki, I had serious back pain for ages and this was all pre-labour (which can last for 2 weeks). Its all to do with your cervix preparing itself and is a good sign. I'll look for my post on signs of labour from Feb and bump it up for you (if you'll pardon the pun) :wv Good Luck