Question about dates??

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lush11 Posts: 2877
Ok, so im just gone 10 weeks. My last period was 19th September but my question is when i go for my 12 week scan do they then count it as from conception??? Bit confused. Could i be told im only 10 weeks as then it's prob be ten weeks from conception??
Pheebs Posts: 1102
Hi Lusk, they count it from the date of your last period not from conception as far as I know.
funnymummy Posts: 329
yep your edd(estimated due date)is calculated by counting 40 weeks from the first day of your last period..
lush11 Posts: 2877
I just wonder how people get their dates wrong then? So I am def def 10 weeks, i know that for sure.
deem Posts: 710
just dont talk to me about dates In my case, its the doctors fault. My last cycle was 24th May, which put my EDD at 1st March 2011, or 28th Feb depending on calander used. First trip to Consultant & 1st scan dated me 8th of March 12 weeks, so repeat scan at 16 weeks put due date at 16th March. GP reckons on visit for non preg related issue that at 23 weeks was more like 25 from fundus height. Now just lately had scan with Consultant who again changed EDD to 7th March....... I told him from start that I did a clear blue digital which said 2 - 3 weeks which would have put me at 5 - 6 weeks, giving me due date 1st March. He explained it all away saying that the measurements of baby early on were more accurate and that my due date was later due to the lenght of my cycle (ie not having a normal 28 day cycle) So I suppose to answer the question, if you dont have a normal 28 day cycle the ovulation day would not necessarliy occur when expected therefore due date with is based on first day of previous cycle woud not give an accurate conception date. Doctors assume that we dont know the exact conception date, which I suppose some people dont, but if you do go with that not the first day of cycle. Sorry for the essay