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steen Posts: 1335
Probably a stupid question but my nutrition list from the Doctor said no coffee and I'm a bit of a junkie O:| People are going to twig straight away if I don't have a take away cup in my hand so am I okay to drink hot chocolate?
chefmaid Posts: 2426
don't know about hot chocolate but one of my friends use to get coffee all the time - So she just got hot water and kept the lid on the cup and nobody was any the wiser.. :o0 :o0 Everyone was surprised when she told them what she was up 2.. They hadn't a clue
totalnovice Posts: 787
Hot chocolate is fine so work away on that. Also I know lots of docs say its fine to have 1-2 cups a coffee a day so dont feel you have to deprive yourself all the time, every now and then it would be fine
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Steen there's caffeine in chocolate. TBH I'm not sure how much is in drinking chocolate. If you intend to stay away from caffeine then maybe run it past your GP. I drink hot water with a slice of lemon. I keep the lid on and nobody has copped on yet. I've also told some ppl that I'm on a detox diet, I've gone off most junk food so it's easy to get away with this.
steen Posts: 1335
Thanks girls, I think if I have one hot chocolate in the morning it should be fine our cups have see through lids so they will spot it. Noisey bags around here :o0
maisedon Posts: 1394
Steen, at my check-up yesterday the doc gave me a booklet called "healthy eating for Pregnancy". Here's what it says about caffeine: "Do not drink more that 4 cups or glasses of caffeine containing drinks such as coffee, tea, cola or energy drinks a day". You'd definitely be safe having your morning coffee. HTH! :wv
steen Posts: 1335
Oh great, really do miss it!
tanyababy. Posts: 511
The pregnancy bible says this about caffeine Consuming caffeine in large amounts-over 300 mg a day- can increase the risk of low birth weightand miscarriage. An average cup of coffee contains 75-150 mg of caffeine. So drinking one to two cups of coffe is usually ok during pregnancy but remember, this is an average cup, not the large coffees you get in many coffe shops. Also bear in mind, that caffeine is found in tea, cola type drinks, energy drinks , cocao and chocolate. I am drinking between 1-2 cups of tea daily so I hope this will be ok :wv
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
I just gave it up. It crosses the placenta so I'm happy to do without it for the next 9mths. You get used to not having it pretty quickly
Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
Coffee shops often do decaf, so you could ask for that? I've switched entirely to decaf, that way if I want chocolate or need the very odd Coke to keep me awake, I'm not totting up wondering if I've exceeded my quota for the day!