question about GP and Hospital visits

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Busy Mom Posts: 2910
I had my confirmation apt with my GP last week to confirm i was pregnant and she did my combined care form and that was it. i called Holles St that day and made my first hosp appt (17weeks) and big scan apt (22weeks) - so do i not see ANYONE til 17weeks at the hospital or do i see my gp in the meantime or what happens?
Busy Mom Posts: 2910
just bumping this up to check my new ticker is working
bumble Posts: 1980
I had my pg confirmed at 8 wks at GP. My 1st hospital apt was at 15wks and my scan at 19wks. I am due to go to GP next week. Unless you have any probs you most likely wont go to GP until maybe 5wks after your 1st hospital apt (i.e. when you are 22 wks). But if you're unsure just ring your GP and ask them if you need to be seen before your 17 wk apt.
theoracle Posts: 7664
My GP would see me at 12 weeks again, and then arrange next appt. The consultant in hospital would then indicate the frequency of future visits. I'm afraid this is pretty much standard, unless you experience any difficulties.
lilybride Posts: 425
I go to see my GP every 4 weeks, but he alsosaid to go anytime if I have any concerns, he's lovely!
Busy Mom Posts: 2910
hmmmmmmm i thought i'd see someone before 17weeks. how do i know when to go to my gp for my next apt ??
theoracle Posts: 7664
If you registered for combined care they usually also send out a letter with a gp/hospital visitation schedule?
Busy Mom Posts: 2910
oh grand. thats perfect :) thanks !!
leixi Posts: 67
omigod i am the same dont have appointment until 17 weeks in Holles street, but my GP said that i can make an appointment with him to get blood pressure and urine test done at around 12- 13 weeks just to check everything, im sure yours will do the same.
babybliss Posts: 437
I received my combined care letter & card well into my pregnancy and I actually had to ring HSE to receive them, so if you haven’t heard anything in the next couple of weeks, just give them a call. My GP saw me at 12 weeks and then I had the first hospital visit at 16 weeks. Bid Scan in the hospital was at 23 weeks… Afterwards the schedule is : 24 weeks GP 28 weeks Hospital 30 weeks GP 32 weeks Hospital 34 weeks GP 36 weeks Hospital 37 weeks GP 38 weeks Hospital 39 weeks GP 40 weeks Hospital Congrats on the pregnancy :lvs