Question about HCG levels

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mummytime Posts: 3149
Don't really know which forum to post in. I had a hcg test at 15dpo and 17dpo with the following results 15dpo – 487 17dpo- 882 They have only risen by 1.8 times rather than doubling. I am back today for another one however should I prepare myself for the worst? Thx
theoracle Posts: 7664
That sounds absolutely fine - they only double roughly every 2-3 days in the early days - they dont double strictly every 48 hours as such and certainly not all the way throughout the pregnancy. :)
mummytime Posts: 3149
Thanks for the reply. Hope your wee man is doing well. The midwife I spoke to at the hpsoital just now gave me little/no hope. She said that the hcg level would always double in a viable pregnancy and that this third beta woudl probably show the levels falling off further. I did take a hpt this morning as the line was much darker than S it was two days previously so hcg levels are still rising however not by enough it seems My boobs are definetly not as sore as they were though and I have nothing else by ways of symptoms. I am 5 weeks on Wednesday
myjamie Posts: 36
Hi Mummytime, The levels are rising and thats what matters, my sister had Hgc measured and in a 4 day gap in testing the levels had not quite doubled.. i was fearing the worst for her but her doc was not concerned... and sure enough she went for her scan and a lovely little heart beat and she is due in 2 weeks... :o)ll . Try not to worry too much.. easier said than done I know... good luck for next test
jewellb Posts: 2389
That mid wife sounds like a right cow those levels sound like what mine were! I was 9 wks on sun!! I hope all goes well !!! Xx
sunny1 Posts: 995
Hi mummytime, I know how worrying a time this can be! Last year I posted here with similar worry. I had hcg levels checked at about 5 weeks and almost 5 days later had them done again as I had spotting and cramps. Now I had done all the research and I was sure the levels should be doubling every 2 days. When I got second result doc told me that after 5 days the hcg levels had almost doubled. My heart sank, I remember I almost dropped the phone I was so upset but the doc was very chirpy on the phone saying all was great! There's no hard and fast rule with hcg levels unless the levels are dropping then it's not good. That midwife sounds like a heartless wagon. I know its an awful time but try to keep busy and stay positive. I had no symptoms either at 5 weeks, it's still very early days so dont be worrying about that. Fingers crossed all will be perfect x
mummytime Posts: 3149
Thanks for the replies. The midwife was actually very kind and sympathetic. I just don't get what she was so adamant that they had to double every 48 hours. I have alredy had three miscarriages so maybe she is being extra cautious for that reason.
mummytime Posts: 3149
Midwife called and levels have gone up to 4300-nearly 4 times what they were on Friday. I did a quick doubling time calculation and it worked out at a doubling time of 32 hours which seems excessively high at this point! Good news though. I am booked in for a scan in two weeks to look for heartbeat.
jewellb Posts: 2389
That's brilliant news!!! I just don't get why she was so negative as I think those levels were good in the first place!! Anyway fab levels today I hope all goes fantastic for you :lvs