Question about inviting the minister to the wedding

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MrsChuffed Posts: 872
Hi, Dumb question. Do you verbally invite the minister to the reception or send them an invitation? Thanks
may2008 Posts: 455
I sent our priest a written invitation. he rsvp'd straight away
shala Posts: 1733
Oh God never thought about that!!!
MrsChuffed Posts: 872
Yea, I thought of it the other night. I didn't know what the etiquette is?
mcd08 Posts: 425
We sent them an invitation - but my mum hand delivered it and then he was unable to marry us (due to ill health) so we sent an invitation to the new minister, then had to ask them at the rehearsal if they were coming as they hadnt replied! But they did come (just for the meal( and she seemed genuinely pleased to be asked. We didnt sit her at the top table, just at a table with people from the church that she would know a bit.
shiversmoy Posts: 635
I thought verbally would have been ok but now on reading these post Id better include our priest in the invitation list!!!
Betsy May Posts: 2168
Yes, you have to send them an invitation - it's called a courtesy invitation as it is generally assumed they will attend.
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
I think you send them an invitation alright even though it is assumed they will be invited, as Betsy May said it is a courtesy invite.