Question about Kicks/Movement/Flutters!!

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glover Posts: 188
hey girls, got my first flutters over a week ago. Not loads or anything but i'd get a few nearly every day since esp in the evening after dinner. However in the last day or so I've barely felt anything, think I might have yest but then I could have been imagining it too!!! Is it normal for it to come and go at this early stage (18 weeks) or maybe is way babs is positioned?. any advice?? Starting to get worried now :o(
cindarellawoman Posts: 390
Hi Rosebelle, I'm 20 weeks and have had flutters for 2 weeks now but when I spoke with my GP, she was surprised I was feeling these now so soon but she said you can do from 16-18 weeks onwards. There was a few days that I felt nothing and when I relaxed (met a friend I hadnt seen in ages and forgot for awhile I was pregnant), went to cinema and again the fluttering started and went crazy and has done so to date so I wouldnt be worried too much (although easier said than done)! :eek
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
i defo wouldnt worry at 18 weeks. i started feeling flutters a couple weeks ago, maybe 3. and this last week i have been feeling actual kicks. i didnt feel any on sunday morning and i was panicking but my best friend is a midwife and she said, this early there is no pattern to kicks so not to worry about it. they are prob there but maybe you are not feeling them when you are up and about. apparently sugary drinks get them going. and she also said relax with a book for a good while, our walking around rocks the baby to sleep so when we sit down and do nothing, they start kicking!! little monkeys!! also a cold drink or fizzy drink also wakes them up. maybe take some time out tonight to try and feel for them, but my advice would be to not panic. you will get more regular kicks in the next few weeks.
ciaraella Posts: 5323
+1 to what the others have said, there's still so much room for baby to move around that if they are in different positions it can be harder to feel the movement so don't worry. i started to feel movement from around 17 weeks but it was very light and they came and went. i felt them mainly if i was lying very still on my back
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
Im 17 wks and have the same thing. Loads of kicks last week and nothing much the last couple of days.. Then today I had my nephew who is 3 lying up on my lap and BAM loads of kicks in a couple of mins, I think its because I was relaxed :)
glover Posts: 188
ah thanks girls, you cant beat WOL for a bit of reassurance! I guess they will just come and go for now and cos theres more room in there its prob abe to "bob" around more,thats what I'll tell myself anyway :o0 Thanks again, god the worry just never stops!!!!
Emme Posts: 4735
Yeah the consistency of movement takes weeks to kick in and once it does you'll know very very easily whats right and whats not. It's such a lovely stage that you're at though so enjoy!!!!
mysteriousmise Posts: 1783
I was 22 weeks before I got any kicks at all, and nearly 30 weeks before I was getting them every day/with any regularity. I wouldn't be worried at all at 18 weeks!