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Asics Posts: 1935
Hi all ive never used MAC makeup but hear it is really good I want to get a trial done next time im in Dublin im just wondering do you have to book in for the make up trials or can you just walk in off the street? :thnk
mrsodo Posts: 1292
My guess is you would have to book, they are generally really busy there.
MoreThanMakeup Posts: 516
You really should book but sometimes they can take you on the spot - particularly earlier in the week. They also usually request that you buy a voucher for €25 before you book but if you explain that you don't live in Dublin they'll probably be ok with it. You get to spend the €25 euro on products on the day. If you don't have a voucher you still have to buy €25 worth of products but it's worth it. If they're not too busy ask them can they give you a chart with the colours they use and where they use them. Enjoy, Breda 'More than make-up'
Boocat Posts: 124
Hello I would definitely recommend booking, particularly if it's for a weekend. I booked my trial for a Saturday in July in February and they were already getting booked up (this was in BT2 in Dundrum who also do Mac make up) but I know from experience that BTs on Grafton Street get booked up months in advance
mini mama Posts: 834
Ya i agree that you should book in advance....a friend of mine gets hers done every so often....bascially you have to pay 25 euroa nd then you get to pick out 25 euro worth of products after wards so its well worth a look.... :wv
lovelybones Posts: 884
I absolutely love mac make up :lvs Defo make an appointment for grafton street if you want them to do your full make up. They are very helpful and will pick out the correct shade of foundation for you even if you are just going in to browse. There is a new foundation out, i got it in dundrum last week, its called studio sculpt. Its really light and feels lovely on, i find some of them can be heavy.
Asics Posts: 1935
Thanks for the info girlies i never even taught about Dundrum, im getting all excited again now :o)ll :o)ll can't wait to have it done, think i will book some day off during the week to get it done they probably won't be as busy & spend more time giving me tips hopefully ;o) . Also does anyone know roughly about how much it cost gonna start saving putting a little away each week :thnk
lovelybones Posts: 884
Are you going to do your own make up for your wedding? The Hello Kitty range is out now and they have a fab brush set. There is one in it that i use for that new foundation i got and it is brilliant... its kinda like a blusher brush with dark bristles and white tips on the bristles if ya know what i mean. It blends the make up so well. I got a lovely peachy kind of colour blush too in the hello kitty range and it is sooo natural looking, really pretty. Are you sallow or fair skinned? Are you going to buy all the products? Foundations are about €34, eyeshadows are about €14 and the lip glosses are €17.
Asics Posts: 1935
No I have a friend who lives in KK who done a beautican course last year she is gonna do my make up, id just rather buy my own so im sure it suits me iykwim & yea ill probably buy the full make up set its not too badly priced i thought it would be alot more :o)ll :o)ll happy days
lovelybones Posts: 884
Always handy to have friends in high places :o0 I do be like a child in a sweet shop going to mac... i buy all around me and then don't use the half of it :eek All thats to stop now that i'm on 3 days in work... no shopping for me for a long time :o(