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Little Miss Chatterbox Posts: 1362
[quote="miss.sparkle":1gfbf769][quote="bimbo":1gfbf769][b:1gfbf769]hi littlelily, we paid a dep and then the final payment on the day of wedding, everything worked out fine, but i defo wouldnt pay him 2 months in advance in case he didnt show on the day[/b:1gfbf769] !![/quote:1gfbf769] :wv we paid a deposit, are paying a sum on the day and the balance when we get the album, I wouldnt pay all upfront 2 months in advance. . is the photographer a supplier online here? if so have a look at what other wollies are saying about him / her, if your having niggling worries speak with the photographer out yourself at ease :wv[/quote:1gfbf769] +1 Dont pay anything extra that you are not comfortable with
DipDab Posts: 1172
I have a similar question - most hotels seem to want full payment at least 48 hours before the wedding. What happens then if something goes wrong on the day? I would prefer to hold back a small bit of money in case...
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
gillysue, I would just try to hold onto your money for as long as you can. Ours was like that and they wanted it two weeks in advance, which we thought was ridiculous. We just held out and ended up having to give final numbers and payment on the Friday and the wedding was the following Monday. People started cancelling nearly as soon as final payment had been made and more just didn't turn up on the day. We didn't seem to use any more than about 13 bottles of wine though and probably made back the cost on the corkage. We had bought the wine ourselves so I sold what was left over. Just stick to your guns for as long as you can. If something goes wrong on the day, you have no come back, once all money is paid.