question about the pill

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sarakg83 Posts: 347
i was just wondering, when you take your 7 day break is it still safe to have sex or do u need to use condoms? just wondering because im on my break but AF wont arrive for a couple of days. with it being a special day tomorrow i just want to make sure im safe
mrs.ebayqueen Posts: 2483
hi if you take your pill the same time every day, you havent vomited in the last month and you werent on any antibiotics , you are safe to have sex, remember the percentage of safe goes down if any of the above werent adhered to HTH sadhbh
deda Posts: 1220
You are still covered as long as you have been taking your pill correctly for the other 21 days and you haven't vomited or have dihorrea(sp?) or been on antibiotics because that can effect the working of the pill during that time, you are good to go, however to be doubly sure of not getting pregnant I would still recommend the condom.
CalamityJane Posts: 783
You're fine. The pill would be pretty pointless if we weren't going to be covered for that week. The only reason we take that break is for our bodies to have the routine of having a 'period' (it's not actually a real one) and to show us that we're not pregnant. Dtd during that time is no prob.
sarakg83 Posts: 347
thanks girls, i thought the same but just wanted to make sure :thnk