Question about wine at reception

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brookee Posts: 751
Ok i'm not a tight ass but we are having 50 family for the wedding meal and when we sat down to figure out the amount of wine we needed we realised that only 24 at the most drink! and i mean thats at the most! so i wanted to know am i still supposed to buy enough wine for everyone or do i just buy for the people who drink please HELP!
MammySpice Posts: 2501
Is that 50 guests in total or just 5o family - sorry it's not very clear and I am easily confused :-8 I think I would stick to one bottle per couple and then tell the hotel to only open bottles as they are needed. That way you can be confident you won't run out and you can take the leftovers home to use again. Hth :thnk
brookee Posts: 751
its 50 people at the meal all relations lol plus myself and h2b thats a good idea to have one bottle per couple do you think it would be ok to ask them if they drink red or white so i could give the hotel a sort of clear idea of what i want??
MammySpice Posts: 2501
Was thinking that myself. I think it's generally more white than red in the summer and vice versa in winter. It's a hard call. I'm getting wine from france and was going to go 50/50 red/white. I'm ordering more than I will need because we get through a lot of wine in this house anyway :-8 (leftovers I spoke of earlier!)
brookee Posts: 751
lol i think it would be easier ifmy family all drank but they don't so theres no point in me buying too much and being stuck with it!
Looney07 Posts: 2393
How about having a open toast instead on the wine and that way it will keep drinkers and non drinkers happy. I know this can lead to a select few looking for doubles and what not but you can specify to the hotel that no doubles are to be given. This might be an easier option as the numbers are small
amour Posts: 53
You usually dont need to decide about whether you want white or red wine. You only need to decide on the number of bottles that you want opened. Then the hotel will just ask your quests which they want while sticking to the number of bottles you requested to be opened.....