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mrsbrowneyedgirl28 Posts: 820
Hi there, I'm going public and really hoping to go with the MLU. Won't have my 1st appointment until I'm 15 weeks which seems AAAAGGGGESSS away. We weren't sure whether to go private and still aren't to be honest. Anyway enough waffle I'm just wondering for those going private how many weeks were you roughly when you had your 1st appointment? I might snap in the morning and switch to private. My mind is racing at the moment with the options :action34 Thanks
raspberry ripple Posts: 1809
Are you asking about going private and attending MLU? I didn't think this was possible but I could be very wrong. My medical history ruled MLU out for me totally so didn't look into it. I'm private and attending OLOL and had 1st appt with consultant at 10 weeks.
benny313 Posts: 821
Hi there I am private in the Coombe and I had my first appointment when I was 11wks 5days, but if you do decide to go private you need to book it straight away with whatever consultant you choose. Best of luck with everything :heartbeat:
mrsbrowneyedgirl28 Posts: 820
Hi there, Thinking of forgetting MLU and going private. We have an early scan booked for Sunday & will tell our families. Think we'll make a final decision after Sunday when hopefully we'll get good news on baby. I'll be 10 weeks & know I'll need to get my skates on if was changing. Thanks *)
raspberry ripple Posts: 1809
Congrats on your pregnancy :o)ll (should have said that last time!) There is another thread on here viewtopic.php?f=19&t=237055 about the MLU, maybe try posting on there and the ladies that are attending MLU might be able to answer any questions you have about it. If you are thinking of going private, you could make some calls to the consultants offices tomorrow to see if they have any availability for your due date. I know some of them book up very quickly, so you could maybe book provisionally till you make a decision? Hope this helps *)
naughton Posts: 111
Hi Mrsbrowneyedgirl, If it is of any help, I had the very same dilema on my first pregnancy, I knew that if I wanted to get into the system early, get a scan etc. one way of doing it is to go private, but then you are faced with having to choose a consultant and the longer you leave it the less you will have to choose from (that was the case at the time, might be different now). Then there is the cost etc. And then waiting and wondering if you hold out til 15 weeks for your first appt, will you actually be accepted into MLU, if not what is a though one! I asked my GP at the time did she think I was high risk, and she said judging from my general health I was not, but of course the midwife at your first appt will make that call, so I held out and thankfully, got into the MLU. You could ring the hospital and ask are there many consultants available and how long you would have to book with one etc. I have heard Milner is good and there is another consultant whos name is pronounced Quigley but is spelt in Irish. If you did hold out and not get MLU you could still go private, just discuss what the the consultant waiting lists might be like in 5 weeks if you do call hospital. I would say, don't go private because you want to be seen now etc. unless you are high risk and need to be seen for health reasons, or have decided that on the overall scheme of things you really want to, and it suits you best. I hope that does not sound too harsh, but I fully sympathise with you, I really do, I was the very same, and the weeks before my first appt were the longest ever!!! But I got through them and eventually enjoyed the anticipation and talking to people about the pregnancy, you have not told anyone yet so when you do after sunday that might help shorten the time, as you get a great buzz out of telling people etc. Hope that helps a bit, MLU is great by the way! It is like going private but for free. I got discharged at the very end though, as I went term plus 14 days, so was released into the main hospital to be induced, the midwifes were fab there too, I just wished I had done some research into the sequence of events in the general hospital ie that you go from pre natal ward to labour ward to delivery suit (that is another story) I had just imagined that I would deliver in the MLU... :duh: Very idealistic of me at the time :duh: Best of luck with it. x
mrsbrowneyedgirl28 Posts: 820
Thanks for your replies. I'm only readings some of them now as WOL is acting up for me big time >:o( Naughton you are full of good advice. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who felt confused & clueless. I feel like the antichrist!! As I said we'll hold off until Sunday when hopefully we'll be celebrating a good early scan. Thanks again x