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mrsbride Posts: 144
Just a question to any brides who have been invited to a wedding in a foreign country – how did you get on? My friend was going to have a small wedding in Ireland but now id thinking of going abroad and would have about 30 people as guests. I warned her that a lot of people are not that keen on foreign weddings due to the time they need to take off work and the cost of attending.
scotswedding Posts: 2829
I've gone to a couple of weddings abroad. Both cost me a fortune so doubt I'd have gone if I didn't rate the brides & grooms so highly. One of them was in italy and over 100 of us from here went and it was one of the best holidays I've been on as well as having the wedding so it was worth it. I suppose it depends on the people you're intending to invite. If they all know and get on with eachother it will make it a lot more fun for them. That of course is just from my point of view from the Italy trip. I'm sure lots of friends would want to go and make a holiday out of it as well. However if the friends you're intending to invite don't have much spare cash with mortgages and children and the like you might have a few less guests that you'd like...
Sposa Posts: 626
How much does a guest spend on average at an Irish wedding? Haven't been at one in ages (loads of my friends, cousins are still single) and would love to compare the cost of an Irish one with a foreign one.
jarashow Posts: 3083
I have only been the one family wedding in Canada and we had a ball, made a 2 week holiday out of it. Our wedding is abroad and nearly everyone from Ireland that we have invited has accepted. But our destination is a 2 hour flight and it's on the bank holiday week-end so they are only taking one day off work. Also it's where H2B is from and his family is there, so a lot of people just want to see what it's like. Everyone in Ireland has treated him like they have known him all their lives and he is very much a part of my extended family so that might have something to do with the number of people booked to go (about 55 from Ireland alone).
mrs.smiffy Posts: 1747
well, Im getting married in Ireland which is for H2Bs and my family a foreign wedding. Obviousely some people wont make it due to the costs of traveling to IRL and of course IRL is the most expensive country in the Euro Countries. However, I've been to my best friends wedding in Greece two years ago and even though it was dear enough - I wouldnt have missed it for a thing... my point is, if you tell people in advance when and where the wedding is they have enough time to figger out if they're able to save up for the wedding or not. If they really do wanna come they will do everything they can to come... it might be disappointing if some cousins or aunts are not coming but that's life - its your wedding and if you and H2B wanna celebrate it somewhere else than go for it. :wv
wedinjune Posts: 158
Hi there I have been to a wedding in Sorrento - we made it our holiday and went for 2 weeks - had a lovely time. We were also at a wedding in Seville - were there for a week and had an absolute ball. We are getting married in Rome in June and everyone that is travelling wanted to come - before the invites went out we had people telling us they would travel. I think that when you go abroad you know that eveyone is there because they really want to be. I have no problem with anyone that cannot travel - people have lots of reasons for not being able to travel
architec Posts: 1306
Last May (06) H2B and I were invited to the weddings of three very good friends in three seperate countries - all in one week! None of the three weddings knew each other, and as they were all very good friends, we couldn't say no. The first was in Venice on the Saturday, so we flew in Friday, out Sunday morning to head to Brussels for the wedding there on the Monday, flew out of there on Tuesday, back to London to wash our clothes and gather up more stuff, then flew on Thursday to South Korea for the wedding there on Saturday...I have never been so knackered in my life. We had a ball, it was great craic going to all the weddings and comparing the different cultures and traditions of celebration, etc. We had a good 5 months notice before the weddings to get ourselves in gear, which was difficult as we had just bought a flat here in the UK so money wasn't as plentiful as usual. Anyway, I would highly recommend going to weddings abroad if you are very close to the bride and/or groom. We have such wonderful memories of that week, I woudn't swop them for anything. [b:2fur9w1u]And [/b:2fur9w1u]because no one else was going to all three weddings, the one outfit did me for all three, so I could splash out on somethign very nice!! Funny how the money could be found for that alright... :o0
veeinoz Posts: 146
my h2b is german and we live in germany but are getting married in ireland. we gave everybody loads of notice. save the dates went out 6 months in advance and now we have over 60 people coming from germany. most are going to make a holiday out of it. we are delighted as we never thought that so many would come from germany. especially as when you are a guest at a german wedding you do not have to pay for a drink all day or all night. so we weren't sure if we could still persuade the germans to come but they are still up for it! most said they would not miss an "irish wedding" for the world.
pebbler Posts: 44
One of my oldest friends got married in Italy last summer, they gave everyone who they planned on inviting (immediate family members and close friends only) about a 1 yr warning, so we all just decided that the wedding was going to be our holiday, that way any1 who REALLY wanted to be there was there and there was none of that typical Irish wedding crap where the bride and groom were seperated all day trying to make sure they spoke to every1 (even though that'll be the wedding I'm probably going to end up having). Every1 agreed at the end of it that it was an absolutly brilliant trip that we all enjoyed and it'll def b a wedding we will never forget.