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swf Posts: 114
Re:tree hedging in back garden I want to plant trees at the back of the garden that will give more privacy (neighbour after building hideous extension) and look good all year round - anyone any tips - what trees/shrubs to go for - I want fast growing ones to go 6ft etc and also what time is best to plant. We have two existing trees that we wish to move and again what time of year is best to move these.
sol Posts: 83
Hi swf, If you want something that gives great cover and fast growing, Lleylandi (spellying) maybe the best, they grow pretty tall over the years and would have to be cut back as they may bloke out light. Best thing is to head to your garden centre and they will defo point you in the right dircection.
swf Posts: 114
wish to apply for an extension and need person kildare area to draw up plans/cog someone elses that would be good enough for submission for planning permssion