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Mrs O C Posts: 47
Hi Girls, Going to the doc sat - first visit since BFP... got a list of q's for her but not sure if there is anything really important i am leaving out - this is what i have so far: What Vitamins should i be taking Diet Alcohol O-O Is it ok to Fly Scan date Private/Public Cost GP Visits Entitlements while pg Sex :eek What type of discharge if any should i expect Is there any pain i will be experiencing What painkillers can i take if needed Is it ok to hi-lite my hair From your experience, do you think i am missing out on anything important... I am so excited, :o)ll can't wait to meet her & confirm everything is ok. Thanks Girls xx :xxx
sally Posts: 1140
Oh congrats, thats great news, you sound so excited. My answers to below - and youll prob get a few differences of opinion Alcohol - none for first 12 weeks and odd glass of wine/beer after that Is it ok to Fly - no problem up to 32 weeks or so.... every airline has a different policy, although flying early when your sick might not be too pleasent but does no harm (personally I wouldnt do long haul but thats just me) Scan date - some schemes do 12 week and 20 week, I just got a 20 week Private/Public - personally I did Domino scheme in Waterford which is run by midwifes, you dont see a consultant and its public. I dont see the need to go private if your healthy and are likely to have an uncomplicated pregnancy, they look after you just as well public if anything goes wrong (I was straight into a consultant when I had some funny pains - no waiting). Cost GP Visits - Free - woo hoo Entitlements while pg - your entitled to time off work for your ante-natal visits and classes, check with your employer as every company will be different as regards maternity pay or ask other girls who have had babies. You will have to wait till after the reveal though Sex Eek - go ahead (have plenty as when that bump expands it becomes difficult) most people dont have much libido till they get into second trimester but after that mine recovered with a vengence. Had a bit of bleeding from it about 16 weeks but it wasnt serious, just contact bleeding. What type of discharge if any should i expect - mine didnt really change much that I noticed Is there any pain i will be experiencing - you will get streching pains at the start - like sharp pain or sometimes period pain, its just ligaments and muscles streching but can freak you out. I kept thinking it was all over. Got them till about 12 weeks I think What painkillers can i take if needed - paracetamol but I only take it when absoutely necesscary Is it ok to hi-lite my hair - I did and no bother but Id wait till after 12 weeks So thats all, best of luck :o)ll