Question for Mums who breastfed

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kali Posts: 687
Any tips for controlling your weight when you have finished breastfeeding? I have just finished (after 14months), could eat what I liked but now I have terrible habits ie can't say no!! I feel the weight creeping on but I'm finding it difficult to get back to watching what I eat.
ophelia Posts: 55
Sorry no tips as am still breastfeeding but wanted to reply as I am interested in hearing any advice. Baby is 7 months and am winding down breastfeeding as have started solids but my appetite is as huge as ever. Imagine will stop breastfeeding in next month or two as will be back to work and need to shed at least a stone. So come on, any advice any post breastfeeding mammies.
kali Posts: 687
Looks like we're on our own ophelia on 'the steep and thorny way to' weightloss (sorry love Hamlet). :-8 I have noticed that my appetite isn't as big now that I have finished so that is something. It's just my mindset. I have to keep reminding myself that whatever nice thing I eat is going to show up on my hips :o)ll Have to keep thinking "willpower"
ophelia Posts: 55
Well be sure to post back and let me know as the pounds drop off - it's always nice to have someone a bit ahead of you so you can have an idea what's next. At the moment food isn't even about enjoyment - it's pure fuel to keep me going as baby is draining so much out of me. I'm having 2 breakfasts (one after first breastfeed of the day and one after I express in the morning) and that's before elevenses, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, dinner, sandwiches while watching the news and a cuppa and choc biccies before hitting the hay. And I have a few pieces of fruit in between and the odd flapjack or powerbar. God help me when I stop breastfeeding - I'll probably have to put back on my maternity clothes!!
jen2 Posts: 3106
I was in a differnt boat girls. I put on weight when I was breast feeding. My DS ate all the time. In the evening he would feed for nearly 5 hours. He would only stop for a few monutes everynow and then. He was putting on 12 oz a week. They siad it was because he was early, he was making up for what he should of been. I just ate picky food all the time as I hardly had no time to eat a dinner. Had to give up feeding after 3 1/2 months. He was not eating less, and the clinic said he would be obesse ( spelling) if he continues putting on that much weight. Sorry I was no help girls. Jen2
charli Posts: 5994
i had that problem to - the weight dropped off after birth but starting creeping on when my daughter was 4/5 months, when i stopped feeding - tbh all that helped drop the weight again was going back to work with normal routine of breakfast/lunch/dinner as i was snacking at home all the time. if you are going back to work that may help, but if you are staying at home, im afraid i am no help to you! congrats for feeding for so long!!