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Mrs Mac2be Posts: 571
Hi Mams and Mums2be quick one when you found out you were pregnant did anyone get the feeling they were going to get a period or what syptoms did you have Thanks in advance
Sphynx Posts: 6795
I had: Peeing more regularly Strong-smelling pee :-8 No PMT! :o)ll Slight twinges in my lower back Big bright eyes Slightly bigger appetite Spots on nose/chin (don't normally get) A "feeling" that something was different. Everyone seems to be a bit different - I know lots of people feel like they're getting their period but for me I felt like I really wasn't. Peeing a lot is a real giveaway though. Have you been having any symptoms?
round two Posts: 1018
Hi, Yes all the time. I was quite crampy for the first few weeks and even before I tested but that is apparently your uterus stretching. You can feel like you are getting a period but then surpirse surprise you get a BFP instead
Mrs Mac2be Posts: 571
3 days overdue now, felt abit nauseous for on and off over last two weeks feeling a bit like its due but nothing is happening had no pmt which i usally do and very tired, if nought happens today will test tommorrow
Port Princess Posts: 1154
I was getting af cramps and all the other signs that she was on her way the only real prgnancy sympton I had was needing to wee more often! Apart from that I had no sympstons really!! :wv
Mrs J Posts: 387
I was sure I was getting my period. I remember posting here an few days before period was due saying that it was on the way and sure we would just have to try again the next month and surprise surprise I had my BFP a few days later! Best of luck!
ginger nut Posts: 5989
i felt nauseated but not actually getting sick and also sooooo tired in the days before my bfp.
shellem Posts: 410
i was sure I was getting my period for ages very strange sensation but it just never came ha!....