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mrsjay Posts: 190
hi girls first of all, a big congrats on your good news! this question might be a bit tmi but if you can remember way back when, i'd love to hear your replies! i was wondering, the month you fell pregnant, how often did you dtd around the time of ovulation. you hear all sorts of advice about doing it this or that many times but i was wondering what actually worked for those of you who got lucky. we're on our 3rd month ttc so i'm all ears!! thanks
Sphynx Posts: 6795
I would love to know this too! I keep reading different things. Last time, we got a BFP our first month of trying and we did it once a day from days 11 to 15/16 (can't quite remember) just to cover all bases (I'm a 28 day cycle and we assumed ovulation was day 14)! That's a lot of DTD.... :-8 According to the "sperm meets egg plan" I was thinking of using after xmas, you should DTD the first day you get a positive result with your ovulation stick plus the two days after. Then skip one day and have one final try the day after that. Any advice out there for what is most effective? If it's not too nosey? :o0
charlie crown Posts: 377
Ok, the month I conceived I had actually stopped temping, but did keep a record of bd activity! I guess I ov'd on cd 15, going on previous months, and actually bd'd much less than previous months attempts. So we bd'd on cds 12, 15, 20 and 25. I stopped counting after that!!
Spice Bride Posts: 558
The first month I conceived we dtd for three straight days before ov. Unfortunately I miscarried but am now pg again. Last month we did the deed on Thursday. I used an OPK and had a lot of ewcm (sorry) on the Saturday. The OPK gave the go ahead that day too. We dtd that night and it seemed to do the trick. Reckon that I am pg from the Saturday, not the Thursday, as there wouldn't have been that much cm then. Only advice I could give is to dtd in the morning as that is when the sperm are most concentrated. You should orgasm after DH does, as that pushes the sperm further up and gives the swimmers a bit of a chance - supposedly. Have also read that taking evening primrose capsules from af first day up to and including day of ov increases quality of cm. Best of luck this month - I got lucky on my third month trying.
Itisasecret Posts: 389
On the night baba was conceived (I think :-8 ) I was a bit tipsy shall we say and din't hop straight into the shower afterward. I really think this was a contributory factor so keep it in mind. I fell straight asleep during :eek oops I mean afterwards!
Ferdi Posts: 704
Hi Ladies, not up to date on the jargon here so in basic text - I can't say that we were actively ttc - more just having fun and if it happens it happens. Spoke to DH as quite a few friends were getting pregnant and thought this would be a good time as at least little one would have friends round same age so decided to buy an OPK (hopefully this is Ovulating Kit) and try that method. I started testing on the 12th day of Cycle and on the 17th day it showed there was an increase in the LH so we dtd once - didn't mention anything to DH - and like Its a Secret I chilled out in bed afterwards as opposed to hopping under the shower and hey presto I'm pregnant ! Good luck to all of you ttc'ers and those on the 2WW :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: hope you're ll posting BFP's very soon.
Mrs Gypsy Posts: 260
I came off my pill in February and got my first "real period" on March 19th. I knww that your fertile period is 14 days in (in general) but since I had been on pill and only had gotten my first period I didn't expect that I would be that fertile or that my cycle would be off for a while...... .....dtd on day 14 exactly and hey presto my first real period also turned out to be my last......due Christmas!! :o)ll
mrsjay Posts: 190
oh wow, you girls have been really lucky!! and thanks by the way for the info - tis a bit of a personal question. had to laugh at the "falling asleep during" comment :o0 :o0 i usually lie still for a bit too and actually fell asleep just afterwards for an hour the other night in the most awkward position, don't know how i managed to remain like that - but anything for dh's little swimmers! (ok tmi there! :-8 ) only managed to dtd twice this time round, if we're half as lucky as you guys that should do the trick, but hey, we'll just have to wait and see! thanks again :wv
Mrs Gypsy Posts: 260
Best of luck Mrs Jay!! Hope those swimmers make it!! And if not, there is always the fun of trying again!! Take care and hope to see you with a BFP very soon!!
mrsjay Posts: 190
Thanks mrs gypsy. That's very sweet. Let's hope it won't be too long and in the meantime happy pregnancies to you all!