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yorkie Posts: 375
I want to organise a surprise week away as a pressie for DH's 30th birthday. Hoping to go around the first week in September - I will be 21 weeks then, all going well.. :lvs I'm trying to decide whether to book a sun holiday (Lanzarote or Algarve) or a week in a holiday home in Kerry or Cork. So bearing in mind how you ladies are feeling at the minute, which would you be opting for?? I'm leaning towards the sun holiday as it could be a long time till we have one again after baba arrives. Then again, I don't know how it feels to be 5 months pregnant!
veryhappyveryhappy Posts: 151
hiya! i'd DEFINITELY go sunholiday!... am 21 wks 2day and feel gr8! but then i havent been sick at all all pregnancy.. so if i was sick it wud be another thing!... I would def go cos you wont be too bit either... and it'll be a last break for d 2 of you b4 ur little bundle of joy arrives!!! O-O
wifee07 Posts: 353
I'd head off on a sun holiday!! 20 weeks is a lovely time, and you'll have a lovely baby bump to proudly show off at that stage!! Make sure to pack your sun tan lotion!
bumble bee 99 Posts: 101
Yorkie, ooh id def go on sun hol if i was u feel great at this time def go !!!!
phananta Posts: 330
Definitely go on a sun holiday! I went to Portugal when I was 22-24 weeks and it was great! You'll prob feel the heat a bit more so pick carefully where you go. I didn't burn any easier, but just got overheated easier, but then it did reach 37 degrees so no wonder! Enjoy!
big mama Posts: 623
hi yorkie, im 20 weeks next wed and on the thur am goin to lanzarote , hoping it wont be to hot but at the moment im feelin good a lot more enegry then the first coupe of months :o0 so i rthink if you feel good at this stage u might as well go the sun :wv :wv
MINI DONKEY Posts: 2499
wollysocks Posts: 1773
Definitely sun holiday!...I'm just back from sun hol at same stage as was very hot and I found I got tired in the sun but really enjoyed it thing I would advise if where you are going will be very hot- it was 35/36 degrees where we were- make sure you have air con- last few days of our hols I kept waking up during the night with the heat- we had no air-con- and i never ever have probs sleeping-my other half slept blissfully through having had drinks the night before.....enjoy your break :wv