Question for those on Domino Scheme

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capricorn04 Posts: 527
NMH article quotes this How do I book onto the Programme? The first step to booking with the team of midwives is to obtain a Booking Reference Number (BRN) by phoning the Central Booking Office 01 637 3288. On receiving your BRN call our secretary on 01 637 3177. She will send you a booking history form which will be reviewed by a team of midwives. Assuming you are eligible for our services, an appointment will be made for you to meet with one of our midwives. Question - Do I need to see my doctor then?? Also my doc is based at home (Wicklow) which does have a domino scheme, whereas I am living in area 2 which as also a domino clinic - does this matter/can i attend the clinic closer to me??
jdurso Posts: 351
I'm living in South Dublin and doing Domino at the moment. I called HS and got my BRN, then called the midwives and they sent me a form which I filled out and then they called me back later that day and arranged the booking appointment. I called them at 8 weeks and I got the last place on the scheme at that time so call asap (they only take a certain number of women at any given time). I went to see my GP just after that and filled out the Combined Care forms. You can attend whichever clinic is more convenient for you. My last appointment with them was at home and my next one is also. It's great not having to queue in the hospital! Congrats and good luck!
jan8 Posts: 554
capricorn i di this scheme 2 years ago and it was excellent. every 2nd visit with doc and every other with midwife in clinic. it was great - only had to go into holles st for 20 week scan. the care was fantastic. do consider though whether you are happy to go home straight away. i ended up having section so was kept in for a few days and in the end i was so glad to be looked after for a while before i went home! but the home visits after are great and they'll stay as long as you need.
capricorn04 Posts: 527
Thanks girls for your replies, Jdurso, I am going to get on to them tomorrow - jan8 - I agree, scheme sounds brill, pg I get a place :)