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twinbambinos Posts: 3492
We have a family renting out a house that we own, we dont make any money on it and the rent is very competitive ( im always checking daft to ensure that it is and have not seen any of the same type of properties for the same rent as we charge) anyway the couple that rent it get rent allowance from social welfare , I got a call today from the tenant to say that the council have done a review of rents in the area and have decided she is paying too much and have asked her to negotiate with the landlord ie us to review the rent down by 60 and if we dont negotiate then she needs to look for somewhere else :eek I have never heard of this before and there is no way we are too expensive ( we are on the cheaper side which is why we have had no issue in renting out this house ever) we cant afford to drop it as have a mortgage to pay on it but I just a bit dubious of this. Could Icontact the council myself over this? what do you think??
HippyChic Posts: 1812
I've heard this from people I know who are renting out houses to HSE tenants. It's pretty standard, and like you they would have been on the lower end of the rent scale for their properties. I know one didn't agree to the reduction and the council didn't make the tenant move. She did however completely trash the house and do a runner recently so it might have been better if they did make her move, going to cost a fortune to get the place right/repair and replace damaged/disappeared goods O:|
Jane Smith Posts: 3158
Yes, I've heard alright that tenants are being encouraged to approach their landlords for a rent reduction. Not sure what the rental market is like in your area but where I am at the moment there are people literally knocking on doors looking for places to rent.
mshelly Posts: 746
I would call her bluff and ask her for the letter that she should have received from the Council indicating that they are requesting a rent review. Don't for one minute believe that they didn't give her any written communication on this matter as the council would never ring up someone and tell them to find cheaper rental accommocation, they mostly put everything in writing. If you don't receive proof that the council has requested a rent reduction then tell her that the rent stays as it is and if she doesn't like then she can always move out. If by some mircle that the council did write to her then you need to decide what you are going to do.
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
This is true,what's happened is the rent allowance/supplement has been cut for the fourth time in three years. So the amount the HSE/social will pay to people to supplement their rent has fallen quite a lot. Tenants are being told to either renegotiate with their landlord or move somewhere cheaper. IT's probably going to be cut again in the budget, even more significantly and will probably leave a lot of people - both tenants and landlords - in dire straits. So your tenant is telling the truth, this is what tenants are being advised to do. There's been a lot of talk recently about mentally disabled adults living in rented acoomodation having their rent supplement cut. Unfortunately many of these people wouldn' tknow how to negotiate with a landlord or how to ask for a rent decrease and many are being made homeless. Here's a bit about the whole thing: It's very very tough OP, I feel for you. But if your tenant can't make the rent you're probably going to have to give her notice and get another tenant or try to negotiate on the rent. In this case it really isn't the fault of the tenant, it's the result of another cut back.
twinbambinos Posts: 3492
Thanks for the update girls, I just hadnt heard that social welfare were doing this so was a bit dubious and hubbie took the call and didnt get much details from her. Anyway she has the letter and is going to forward it on to me so that I can have a read. I understand that they are trying to lower the rent allowance but being honest they are not goign to get a house cheaper than we are renting it out. We have always been fair and when interest rates dropped we dropped the rent to be fair , we are only barely covering the mortgage and by the time you pay tax on that and all the extras like insurance etc there is nothing left and we are working a near loss but sure thats a rant for another day. We never have had any probs in renting it out had had to turn people away in the past so I know we woudlnt have any probs in renting again however its hassel I dont want. Am going to talk to tenant and see can be come up with some compromise. thanks again girls for advice..Now if only us mortgage payers had someone we could ring and say Ihave done some research and I feel like im paying over the odds for my area can you reduce my repayments !! wouldnt that be great :action34
Leftbank Posts: 2395
Hey twinbambinos. This change is not after being set in stone as we have had no direction to go contacting recipients. What price is the house per month?
Mrs W Posts: 2923
Some of the areas have limits for what each person is entitled to rent, e.g if you are a single parent receiving 110 pw in RA then you are not allowed to rent a house that costs more than 130pw which just isnt going to happen if you want somewhere in anyway decent. I've had this from 2 tenants so far but they know that the rent is the best I can do so they asked can we put it down as €20 cheaper and they pay the balance. We've had both tenants for 6 and 9 years and they dont want to leave their homes either.
ianstuart Posts: 1947
[u:1j5xcqfc]Now if only us mortgage payers had someone we could ring and say Ihave done some research and I feel like im paying over the odds for my area can you reduce my repayments !! wouldnt that be great :action34[/quote] [/u:1j5xcqfc] Wish this would happen :o0
JustJess Posts: 368
Twinbambinios Don't be afraid to ring the social. H2b has someone in his house who wouldn't be too clued in. Similar to you we give a very good rent as he is long term. He got that letter too so h2b rang and explained. They said it was fine. I think it's just a standard letter so I wouldn't reduce without speaking to social (not sure which area) Hoe that helps