Question for those who had an implantation bleed

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Hoping42 Posts: 536
Hi Ladies, I hope this is not tmi.... Last friday I had a small bleed, it was day 21 of my 28 day cycle. I went to the bathroom and there was a small bit on my undies and a few droplets in the toilet (realllllllly sorry for tmi). I have had nothing since. Does this sound like an implantation bleed to you? I tested today and of course got bfn O:| but I am not due af til Fri so just hoping it was too soon to test.
corey Posts: 66
Not sure if this helps and I'm sure everyone must be different but when I got an implantation bleed it was only tiny pin head drops of blood, barely there if you know what I mean
kala Posts: 1937
i had it a few days before AF was due when i fell pregnant on ds, so i assumed AF was on the way, got it a few days later after getting my BFP which i thought i was losing him at the time but everyone is different , everyone has their own story to tell,
babymine Posts: 196
On my BFP I bled enough to fill a panty liner for a few days. Thought I was just having a very light AF :o0
silíní Posts: 4219
I just had a tiny bit of spotting, on tissue, at around 7-10 DPO. I bled a lot after i got my BFP until 9 and half weeks. Red on tissue and in loo. All is well now. Fingers crossed