Question for those who've been to Monart

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elpi Posts: 748
Hi Girls For those of you who have been to Monart, is there a bar? Can't see any mention of it on their website even though I've seen in some of the reviews people on tripadvisor talking about bar food.
hils138 Posts: 680
I haven't been lucky enough to go there but I remember my friend mentioning a bar when she was there. Enjoy!!
mrswifey09 Posts: 1300
yup there is a bar...quite expensive tho if I remember correctly!! bring a bottle of champers in ur luggage...thats what we did....we had it while getting ready for dinner and then went for dinner and a few drinks after!! also do afternoon tea...FAB!!!!! we were so stuffed we canceled our dinner reservations and just shared some bar food instead!!
elpi Posts: 748
Great, thanks girls for the fast replies.
bridalnowmam Posts: 2202
yeh there is a bar, and agree with OP it is very expensive but then everything is but so worth it !
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
Just a word of warning if you are bringing champers or white wine, there's no fridge/mini bar in the room. Also if you're on a budget we actually preferred the bar food to the restaurant (restaurant was expensive and trying to hard). It's such a fab place- enjoy!
jamjars Posts: 1721
There is a bar... though I can't remember it being ridiculous!! It's not very busy though which I found annoying... i guess it's not really the place for mad drinking nights! and I thought the prosecco for room service was reasonable enough for hotel prices... agree with the afternoon tea recommendation though... it. is. awesome!!
rocj Posts: 799
oh enjoy it i would love to go back we got engaged there. Its fab fab fab. The bar is small we didnt have much to drink and i think we got a bottle of wine and brought it up to room. We had champagne as well after we got engaged. It was heaven been able to walk around in the dressing gown and slippers.
elpi Posts: 748
Thanks girls for your comments. Not planning a big night drinking(2 of the girls pregnant) but just wanted to make sure there was somewhere that we can go that night. Think we prob will eat in the bar. The afternoon tea sounds great so we'll have to do that as well. Can't wait now, going with my school friends to celebrate all knowing each other 20 years so it'll be lovely