Question on CB Digital - Got 3+ weeks at only 2 weeks

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JourneyNo2 Posts: 220
Hi all I am a bit freaked - this is my second pregnancy and on the first I did 3 FR tests the first of which was a very faint line (very very faint) and the did two subsequent tests a couple of days apart and got lines but again pretty faint. On this pregnancy I prob tested about say maybe 3 days later then i did on last one and the FR test line nearly jumped out of the window it was so strong AND it came up after about 40 seconds- stronger than the control line even. I did a CB digital then and I know for a fact when I conceived so was testing about 2 weeks 1 day after conception but the CB came up with 3+ weeks - am now obsessed its twins !!! Anyone with any experience of the CB digital saying you are further along than you are?????
star sun 1 Posts: 1456
Hiya, Yea it really does sound like twins to me :o)ll :o)ll Same happened me, i was only 2 weeks pregnant ( which i know for a fact as i had IVF) and on my CB digital it said 3+ weeks and i was pregnant with twins :compress I lost one at 8 weeks but this baby is doing great thank god. Huge congrats and best of luck :compress
FoundHome Posts: 1753
Firstly congratulations!! I think that CB needs to rethink their conception indictor theory - personally I think it causes too much confusion. Pregnant 3+ means that you are 5+ weeks and conceived 3 weeks ago (based on a 28 day cycle). I was 4w5d when CB told me I was Pregnant 3+ (ie 5+ weeks pregnant) and I'm only having the one *) Having said that if you think that you're less than 5+ weeks pregnant I would mention it to the doctors and perhaps go for a private scan to confirm twins Congratulations again :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
JourneyNo2 Posts: 220
Thanks guys When I did the test i would have been only 2 weeks post conception and about 4 weeks and 1 day actually pregnant - I have a very short cycle. not sure what it means but I do have a private scan booked for when I am nine weeks to know for once and for all ! I would love it to be twins from a family perspective - ie be finished after this pregnancy - but financially I have no clue how we would cope !
eled Posts: 713
I did 3 FR tests all positive.. then 2 CB digitals which came back negative so I haven't much faith in the CB