Question on Day of Hair for brides who have gone through it!

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magnolia Posts: 153
I have curly hair and I always thought that my wedding hairdresser would be blow-drying it straight. Now people are telling me that you're supposed to wash your hair the night before...but that means I will have to blow dry it myself which I REALLY don't want to do...I mean, I'm paying so much money AND I have to blow dry my own hair?? What were your experiences? Thanks!
Spudnik2b Posts: 1804
Magnolia, if you are having an upstyle, they advise you wash your hair the day before, I wouldn't go mad straightening it myself, they will do all that, its just as far as I know there is a better hold on it if its not freshly washed on the day, don't be worrying about it though, they know what they are doing, it will be perfectly straight before being put up if thats what you want.
kazultra Posts: 327
I have curly hair and had an up-do on my wed day. Washed it the night b4 and just let it dry naturally, no straightening it, got it up the next day no probs and it stayed in all day! HTH
hannahross Posts: 318
I had an upstyle too and had to wsah it the night before.
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
I have greasy hair (yuck!) and it's quite fine so I washed it that morning. I had an upstyle and the hairdresser just used extra hairspray and it stayed up all day and night no problem.
justme Posts: 1700
ive curly hair too and i cant straighten it properly myself but dont worry as someone else said it doesnt have to be poker straight just wash and dry the day before and your hairdresser will sort it out on the day.