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tweetiepie Posts: 171
Hi Girls I hope everyone is getting on well! I'm in my 10th week now - time is flying. Still feeling very sick but hopfully not long to go before that eases off! Anyway my question is, I am self employed and work from a home office, and am planning to go back to work part time and get a childminder part time in the mornings while I work. ( only PC ad phone work) Can anyone advise me on how much time you think I realistically would need before I can plan to start doing this? Obviously in an ideal world I'd like to take off as much time as possible to be with the babs, but at the same time I don't want to go bust. argh. Thanks in advance..
theoracle Posts: 7664
Probably 3 months, although it all depends on your physical well being and that of the child, such as are you both settled in a routine and feeling well, ie no complications following the birth, and if you are feeling up to it! If family members can help out, I'd say you should be fine, but you might be tempted to look at the baby all the time anyway just to make sure it is ok, even with other people there, so concentration/focus may be a problem, at least at first!
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Hi there, I'm also self-employed and am taking off the full 26 weeks - I feel I deserve it as I've worked so hard over the last year to build up contacts and also savings so that I won't have to worry so much when I try to get back into things next year. Obviously it depends on your own circumstances - I was entitled to 26 weeks of maternity benefit from the government and I have a few regular customers that I can rely on for work when I go back. I just really wanted to take the time off as it's the first baby and also because I've been working so hard I feel I need a break! Please god all will work out ok but I do expect it to take a little while to get back to my current level of income. If I didn't have savings built up I would be considering going back very gradually after about 3 months - could you wait and see how you fee once the baby is here?
tweetiepie Posts: 171
Thanks Girls. Yes I know what you mean sphynx, I have enquired and am also entitled to the full 26 weeks, plus have savings to keep me going for the 6 months, but my only worry is I suppose clients not waiting and going elsewhere if I leave it for 6 months? Oh I don't know, I'm also tempted to sell ithe business altogether and take a year off with the money, then look for something else after this time - its such a hard decision.