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lou gav Posts: 508
Soryy about this but I'm taking my waking temp every morning. When it goes up does that mean that the egg is on route to any waiting sperm?? or does it mean do the babydance ASAP????? Thanks for de advice!!!!
sally Posts: 1140
Your basal temp should only rise after you have ovulated and by then its too late to concieve. Your temp should remain steady before ovulation and then take a jump of between 0.2 degrees or more. Lots of things affect your temp though like drinking, disturbed sleep, electric blankets. I have been temping for about two months and it can be pretty up and down so its not very reliable but useful if your also looking at your CM or using OPKs. For instance if you get a pos OPK you keep making love until you see your temp rise as then you know ovulation has passed. HTH.
lou gav Posts: 508
Thanks Sally. Due to charts my temp should rise tomorrow..... Better get some more babydasncing in before then :o0 :o0 :o0