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sally Posts: 1140
Just have two questions for those who like me are TTC. 1. Am charting at the mo but my temp is all over the place. I started on day 1 about 35.1 and have gone up every day, sunday morn i was 35.6 but had a few drinks sat night so that was prob why. Thought it would be back down today but its up to 35.8... am only on day 8 so dont think its up cause ive ovulated. Think might be coming down with a cold though so maybe thats it. Have ye found temp taking useful.... im just finding it very confusing 2. As I said think am coming down with a cold.... is it safe to take limsip or other cold remedies while TTC... is there anything I should avoid??? Thanks a million girls.
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
hi sally, ive been temping for a while and find it great but it does take a good few months to get to know ur cycle. stick with it if you can and you'll be a whizz in no time! booze definitely affects temps and u should try and do the exact time each day. i'm sure it's fine to take meds while ttc, so long as ur not actually pregnant. good luck!