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Steph2 Posts: 1044
To those of you who aren't first timers, or whose of you are and have already sorted out your antenatal classes, can I ask what the difference is between doing a number of classes over a number of weeks, or one of these "day courses". What I mean is, is it more effective to attend classes over a number of weeks, or is the one day course as good (or better?). I'm not sure what route to take on this and I know I need to book early so will be thinking over the next week or so what to do. Does the one day course cover all the same ground as the separate classes? Do you believe there is there any particular benefit to doing one over the other? Thanks a mill :thnk xxx
bobby2012 Posts: 644
I honestly don't think there's any point doing them at all, but that's me.
jamseyjo Posts: 1132
Totally agree with bobby2012. I found them pointless and don't think I picked up one thing from them! Definitely wouldn't do them again. I think when labour kicks in everyone is different and instinct takes over. Your better off researching online rather than spending money and time on them
bobby2012 Posts: 644
[quote="jamseyjo":2o92okyx] I think when labour kicks in everyone is different and instinct takes over. [/quote:2o92okyx] That's exactly it. That's what I found with my 2. It's different every time, but even through the mind-numbing pain, your body just somehow knows what to do.
ructions Posts: 2689
I did a one day course. Tbh I knew most of the stuff that was covered already. It was handy to listen to the paediatrician's talk alright, there were a few topics on infant health I wouldn't have been too sure about.
gopro Posts: 1801
did the 1 day course and the be honest, reading posts on WOL was more informative. Only a nurse spoke. no doctors etc. no info and pushing techniques or what your birth partner should do etc. waste of a day IMO Now the labour ward tour we did when i was 36 weeks we found brill it was 40 mins at 5pm. and they brought over a 3hour old baby to show how puffy etc they are.
CherylC Posts: 1071
I found it useful - also good for hubbe to listen and learn. I think the content of classes is pretty much the same. Main difference is just that weekly ones are free/cheap in hospital and one day ones are private in a hotel. For the weekly you have to take time off work and get there each week so I found getting it all over in one day easier. The advantage of the hospital is that they Often include a tour of the labour ward so you can picture it ( but you can call the hospital and ask them for one yourself if you like - I did). .
Mamabelle2011 Posts: 363
We went to a course that was ran over 2 nights. The first dealt with labour etc and the second with aftercare and breastfeeding (if you were planning on doing it). Overall, I found the classes good..did I remember any of them while in But, I did find they relaxed DH and myself in the run up to the birth and we were able to contact the midwife who gave the classes afterwards if we had any questions. I would recommend doing a 1 day/night course on your first but not on following pregnancies.
jewellb Posts: 2389
I'm doing a one day one on sat with Doreen Buckley, I know I'm having a section so nurse in HS said no point in doing the classes as they mainly cover labour, the main reason I want to go is for dh to get a taste of what's to come!! She covers a lot of the after care etc!! I read about her in last weeks sat indo, so I'm hoping it will be good, I was giving it as a present so if its crap at least I didn't pay for it :-)
blueboots Posts: 833
I did it over 4 evenings i think. To be honest i didnt find it that great but still glad i went. I enjoyed seeing the labour ward. I didnt learn anything i hadnt read here and my books etc. I think it was more useful for DH.