Question re. car insurance

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Boulevard Posts: 995
I recently passed my test and H2B insurance was up so we got a new policy together. Its his car so he is main policy holder and I am 2nd named driver. does this mean I have to get my own insurance also, or am I ok to just use his? Its third party fire and theft for both of us.
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
I don't really get what you mean? If the insurance is in his name and you are a named driver then you can drive his car but if you have a second car then you need to have another policy on that car! Does that make sense?
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
You can just be a named driver on his insurance. No need to take out a separate policy for yourself.
Boulevard Posts: 995
Great sorry about that I am crap at explaining these things. I meant do I need to get my own policy on top of being second named driver, but now I know I don't. I was a bit nervy as its like driving a feckin monster truck and need to feel calm and all knowledgable about the insurance side in case anything happens! *)
Mrs plaza Posts: 3031
No need to get second policy, ring them and see if there is a discount for you passing the test. There normally is for the policy holder but not the named driver though!. That was the case when I passed :o(
Boulevard Posts: 995
Honestly the price of it here. When I was on provisional with AXA at home last year it was 1600 e per annum, then it went down to 1400e after a year but here!! Oh no! I got quoted £3000 and upwards! Even though I've just passed and have 1 year no claims bonus. Its absolutely crazy!!
marianf Posts: 5845
Just on an insurance point. If your OH has a full licence, you can usually name them as a driver on your car FOC and vice versa. Axa reduced my policy by €200 because I put h2b as a named driver. They see this as risk reduction because on a long journey you are likely to share the driving. I know most people have open drive but this usually only gives 3rd party cover on another persons car even if you are fully comp.