Question re Domino/midwives scheme and epidural?

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Tulip32 Posts: 124
Hi there, I wonder could anyone help me with a question re the Domino/midwives scheme? I thought it sounded like a great way to go and rang to book in but I didn't realise it was an all natural approach. When the lady said it was all natural I asked did that mean no epidural and she said yes. This is our first pregnancy and as I don't have a previous experience of labour the idea of not having an option of an epidural makes me a bit nervous. I've read on other threads that the aim is an all natural approach but if you want an epidural it will be on hand. Could anyone shed any light on this for me? Many thanks
WeGoShopping Posts: 47
My understanding is that they very much encourage trying without it, but if it turns out you really need it, you won't be denied an epidural. Not sure in practice since things moved quickly for me and I only needed Entonox.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I got info on this from the Coombe with my booking appointment details last week. Yes, it is a natural approach but if you do want to get an epidural at any stage throughout labour they will transfer your care back over to a consultant team instead of the Domino team!
Tulip32 Posts: 124
Thanks a mil for your replies. Very reassuring. I'm going to give them another call tomorrow to discuss it. Just took me by surprise this morning. Having thought about it I'm willing to give it a try the natural way once I know the option of an epidural would be there if I feel I really need it. I've done a lot of reading today and can only find positive reports of the Domino scheme and I think I would really benefit from getting to know the midwives over the course of the pregnancy and would feel more cared for during the labour. Thanks again!
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Tulip32 would be interested in hearing what other information you get if you don't mind coming back to update us! I looked at the leaflet again last night and it does say you can use gas and air so that's a definite plus in my mind! :o0
Tulip32 Posts: 124
Will let you know Ohsotired. I'm going to give them a call again this morning. I actually booked in semi-private yesterday and was stressed out by the end of the call and after that I made the decision that I'd like to try the Domino scheme and I'm really happy with that decision. The general information everywhere is that if you really want an epidural you won't be denied it but I'm actually happy enough to aim for a natural birth and consider other forms of pain relief. I have been having acupuncture for the last two months while we were trying to conceive and I find it great for destressing and promoting deep relaxation so I might even look to that as an option during the birth. Overall what's important is to have a supportive and caring team with me and that takes precedence over epidural, for now anyway!! :)
wollysocks Posts: 1773
This wasn't my experience- I did Domino scheme in Rotunda and at no point did they tell me I couldn't have an epidural...which I did- in fact I skipped the gas and air- I just went from tens machine to epidural with no issue...
lannah Posts: 574
I did the domino scheme in the Rotunda as well and can't recommend it highly enough. I went home 16 hours after giving birth and the midwives who came out to me at home were so fantastic and the one to one care was much better than what I would have gotten if I had stayed in the hospital. I didn't have the epidural and managed with just gas and air but no one actually told me that I couldn't have it to do the scheme so I'd imagine if I asked for it I just wouldn't have been allowed to have been discharged the same day is all. Best of luck!