Question re Holles st & scans in Semi Priv - 32wks

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juicytube2 Posts: 245
hey girls, Need advice Im attending Holles st semi private and I have my next appt on the 7th March with Dr Jens Knudsen, my last appt was with him was back in late Jan, he told me on that vist ( i was 27 wks at the time) that i was measuring big 30wks big, and gave me a quick scan to make sure I didnt have to much water around the baby, it turned out fine in terms of the water, but he left me quite up in the air in terms of is the baby a large baby or are my dates wrong?? he said we would know more at the next visit! I know alot of you that are due roughly around april have been given a indication of the babies weight, I havent is this a holles st thing or can i ask them to do this?? SO my next visit is 7th March and I dont think I get a scan done after the 20wk scan, so Im kinda left in Limbo as to is it going to be a big baby or will I go early, plus im also thinking what position is the baby in, if it was breach how would they know as it doesnt look like I get another scan?? Also when he seen my bump was measuring larger than it should have for 27 wks he checked my weight on the chart and as I had only gained a stone he was grand about that but did suggest a glucose test next time im in, is it likely that I have diabetes if Ive only put on a stone or so from the beginning to now....anyway I know Ive asked a dozen questions but just wondering if anyone else has had similar questions to me...or could arm me with questions for my next visit so things seem more clear. Everytime Im in for a hosp appt I just seemed to be ushered in and out as quick as anything I find I know less leaving :( thanks xx
love struck Posts: 1125
juicytube2 I am too going semi private in Holles Street.. This is my third so will try ans your q as best as I can.. I measured big on my last babs but near the end it sorted itself out, they never changed my date as I was adament on my dates and both mine arrived on time.. TBH would go with your orignial dates.. My SIL was given dates they said babs measuring big, got to her new revised due date plus 10 days over due and she thought she was to be induced and they said well actually your not due till today (the original date she had) luckily she went herself the following day otherwise she could have been on maternity for six weeks before babs arrived.. In relation to scans, they normally only do the one big scan, if your worried about positioning your cons or your own doctor can tell this from feeling your tummy dont need a scan for this. In relation to fluid I think unless you have leakage shouldnt be anything to worry about. I am under a different consultant say him at 20 weeks and dont have another appt till next week until I am 30weeks and I too will under go the diabetes test.. TBH they do it with most people.. My dad has type 2 diabetes so this is another reason for this.. Nothing to worry about and reason they are doing it, is because sometimes with big babies the reason for this is pregnancy diabetes, again nothing to worry about.. But best to have the test as its for peice of mind.. Nothing too it, you drink a little drink then visit your cons, then have bloods taken (one hour after taking drink) you ring the next day if they think you need further tests they will tell you then.. Think I have answered everything.. Good Luck
Daff Posts: 11644
they are so inacurrate with being able to tell if a baby is big or not so I'd try not to worry. If you do a search here you'll see the amount of times it's been wrong, they really can't tell - especially that early as baby doesn't really pile on the weight til the last few weeks. When he says you're measuring big he means that your uterus is higher than normal for that stage, that could be a nubmer of things. I'd really take that comment with a pinch of salt cause unless they ahve a detailed scan they can't determine size, and even then it's hit and miss. Regarding knowing it's breech, they'll be able to feel the position of the baby. It's very easy to tell towards the end and when the baby is bigger so I wouldn't worry about that.