Question re: maternity leave, pay etc???

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shoelady Posts: 51
Hi there, After some long talks with H2B this weekend I realised that I've been burying my head in the sand about the whole TTC aspect. It only dawned on me this morning that I have no idea about maternity leave entitlements etc both statuatory and with my company. I have been with a relatively small company for 6 years and am the only female employee the company has. I'm just wondering how I go about asking my boss about it now (rather than when I am in the position) without freaking him out! Any advise would be fantastic.
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
Hey shoelady, Not sure if you've seen this already but here is a link to some info on your entitlements: [url:2l7boja4][/url:2l7boja4] Do you have an employee handbook or anything like that, outlining what your companys policy is things like this? Probably not if it's a small company. so if it's not documented anywhere, than chances are it's not a policy that's in place. It depends on the relationship you have with your boss, whether you want him knowing your plans and how flexible you think he'd be. Sorry I can't be any more help!
mrs august05 Posts: 949
Shoe lady, Check your contract of employment it will state in there the company policy on paying or not paying staff while on maternity leave. At the moment you are entitled to 22 weeks maternity leave with payment from the social welfare maximuim payment i think is €252 plus 12 weeks unpaid leave if you wish to take that hope this helps you a bit :)
shoelady Posts: 51
Thanks a mill Better dig out that contract - heck only knows where I have it stashed! Hope to have some time to sort through this stuff before its my turn!