Question re: Maternity Leave

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SaJa Posts: 4282
Ok, so I know you get paid maternity benefit for the 26 weeks you are off. But I'll also be taking extras day for bank holidays and accured office holidays and some annual leave. Does your employer then pay you your full wages while you are off for this time i.e. I'll be off for a total of 29 weeks so does my employer pay me for the additional 3 weeks I'll be off?
sherbetlemon Posts: 927
Yep Saja - that's how its working for me anyway. I'm taking 6 weeks hols (2 weeks carried over from this year) and then they are adding on bank holidays aswell. They will pay me for this when I'm off. If you are taking unpaid additional leave, you are also entitled to any bank holidays that fall during that period also. Maybe check with your HR Dept to be sure :wv
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Hi SaJa, how are you keeping? :wv You accrue your holiday entitlement and bank holidays during your maternity leave as though you were working as normal, and your employers pays you for them.
beaker Posts: 379
I rang Social welfare about this and they said that you are entitled to any bank/public holidays while you are on maternity leave, I asked who paid for this and he said not social welfare but normally your employer will either pay you or give you time in lieu for it, which I think amounts to the same thing really as time in lieu would have to paid otherwise its just time at my own expense isnt it? Anyway I said this to the woman in work if i could chat to her about my maternity leave and she said, well its just a straight six months. So I think I will have my work cut out trying to convince her otherwise. It's not like the money is coming out of her own pocket!!! O:|
SaJa Posts: 4282
Thanks for the advice, that puts my mind at rest, for a while anyway.
totalnovice Posts: 787
Beaker, I would print off the details from a government website and bring it in to a meeting with her as its 26 weeks which isn’t just 6 months! And then have the print out regarding additional leave if you are taking that and bank holidays & holidays etc. If you are having trouble finding it let me know and I will have a look.
beaker Posts: 379
Thanks for that totalnovice, i printed out info from the citizens information website today, and will type out cleary what I think I am entitled to and take it from there I think. She's not a nasty person or anything, I just think she's out of touch at the moment so will have to put her straight ( in a nice way of course) O-O
porshe Posts: 1359
Good question I was wondeirng about this. Do you know when they pay you for your holidays, I am not getting paid maternity leave from the Company. Our holidays come into effect in January, we get 22 days, which I will take at the end of the maternity leave (I presume), so when does work pay this? Also I am carrying over 1 wk which I have to take before the end of March, now I am due 5th March, and I think by law I have to start my maternity leave 2 wks before this date? Does this mean I have to take the wks holiday before this or can I tie it into my leave and delay my maternity leave by a wk? Does this make sense!
porshe Posts: 1359
Just bumping this as it is getting lost!
short n sweet Posts: 1802
Porshe I was wondering the same - I am only getting State MP - so when does my employer pay for the Bank Holidays and annual holidays? At the end of the 26 weeks or during it?