Question re Ovulation

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Beibhinn Posts: 51
Hi all, Myself and my husband was trying regularly this month (every second day) after I recovered from my laproscopy and my cycle was over. We were starting from Valentines. We babydanced on the Sunday night and was due again on Pan cake tuesday as that was when I was due to ovulate, but my hubby wasnt well high temperature etc. I would just like to know if the regular babydancing, and trying the sunday before ovulation was enough? Thanks all. Beibhinn
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Should be enough! Most women have a window of fertility of about 5 days, so hopefully you guys had it covered. All depends on the presence of EWCM to indicate you are fertile. Best of luck!
Beibhinn Posts: 51
Thank you sleep monster. Fingers crossed.