question re possible twins?? have 20wk scan next wk

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SparklyB2B Posts: 1131
& am a hell of a lot bigger that i was on DD1 put I have put this down to showing earlier on no2.. my lower stomach is harder in 2 dif areas & have experience kicks in 2 diff areas at the same time... am I going mad?? Consultant didnt scan me on first visit so next wks scan is our first..
survivor Posts: 2507
Could the kicks be kicks and punches? I quiet often get both at the same time. I also thought my massive size meant I was having twins. But no. I was just being paranoid. I even made the doc check twice at my scan :-8 I think you'll have to wait for the scan to tell for sure.
gemini chica Posts: 2581
Wow thats mad that you havent had a scan yet, I found out at 7wks that I was having twins so I am not much help! And I didnt feel any movement until 22 weeks. But yes I could feel movement in lots of different places but later on really this was most obvious! I guess you will just have to wait and see!!