Question re rectal bleeding (Way TMI - sorry)

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sunsparks Posts: 2196
Just went to the toilet and passed a bowel motion. Entire toilet bowel was filled with blood (bright red). After the initial heart attack, I realised it wasn't vaginal bleeding, so relaxed about that, but am wondering whether I should be very worried about it anyway. TBH, have had sporadic constipation, but wasn't today. Wasn't straining nor did it hurt particularly. Yes, have had piles where I've had a tiny bit of bleeding on the toilet paper, but this didn't even feel like that either. :-8 Any advice?
Busy Mom Posts: 2910
sunsparks, maybe call your GP in the morning. i had this before after a particularly bad bug (wasn't pg at the time) and my gp gave me some antibiotics in case the tear was inside. but bear in mind it doesn't take much blood in water to make the whole bowl go red
candyfloss Posts: 704
Def need to see/call GP to get that checked out. Hopefully it'll be nothing but best to check.
theoracle Posts: 7664
I suffer with anal fissures (for years) and I have had the same experience, sometimes they self-heal and sometimes a bit of help is needed by way of medication, in rare cases they can get infected. They are cracks in the anal wall that can be various sizes (in length and depth) and frequently cause bleeding (sometimes with razor like sharp pain, sometimes painless). They normally don't get overly excited about them at doc's, but do mention it, if anything, for your own piece of mind. You can use Anusol for example, and most preparations for hemmorhoids also do the trick for fissures (check with pharmacist). And then the usual, don't strain too much, make sure you are not constipated and your diet is rich in fibre...same as for HMRids!
fabcards Posts: 541
It could of been a failry big pile that just burst but prob best to visit GP to be 100% sure