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keeley08 Posts: 328
i'm wondering here, i know alot of family members will want to buy us stuff for the baby...are you all going to wait until they ask you waht you want and then tell them what they could buy for you....or you going to buy the majority of things yourself? and what about the cot and going to have this all set up before the baby arrives or you going to listen this is bad luck and have hubby do it all for you before you come back from hospital? Sorry for all my questions :o0
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
We've told those who've asked not to bother buying clothes and if they want to get us something, a voucher is perfect. My MIL insisted on buying some bits and asked for a list of what I'd like, so I was happy to oblige with this. We have the cot, chest of drawers and storage unit, as well as travel system, ready to go. We've also practiced getting the car seat in and out of the car (good advice as we hadn't a clue how it works!). When we were building the furniture we realised how much easier it was to do it without a baby needing to be tended too, plus it was one less thing to do when baby arrives. I like that the room is sorted now and everything is ready to go.
ciaraella Posts: 5323
We put everything together before DD was born, it's so hectic with a new baby that i didn't think it made sense to not do everything beforehand. Our folks offered to get us something each so one set paid for the travel system (we got it and they gave us the money) and same for the baby wardrobe and changing table. I would rather choose the stuff and get the money as the present or arrange the person to come with you if they are getting you a present, rather than them picking something out, after all we all have our own preferences and i wouldn't choose a cot, buggy, bouncer for someone else. It's different if it's clothes or toys.
Mari yay Posts: 4045
FIL offered to pay for the travel system so we bought it and he gave us the money. Ditto with MIL and the cotbed. We got other bits ourselves. Friends of my husband wanted to get a changing unit but we got that as a package with the cotbed, so they were saying at the weekend they'd get us other bits. Only annoying thing was she kept insisting on getting a pink mobile (we're having a girl), but I don't want anything too gender specific with the toys so they can be used again. I would maybe second the voucher idea. Or also the shop where we ordered the cotbed, we ordered other stuff from them, and people can ring the shop and pay money off the stuff ordered, like a wedding registry. But I keep forgetting to tell people that when they ask us what we want!
hestia Posts: 2368
Getting the carseat right is a good idea as ACS says. We also had a Moses basket borrowed in advance, and a few bedclothes. The basics are all you need. We expected clothes as gifts and are still gobsmacked at the mountain of generosity piled up in the bedroom. Generous, but not very practical - especially those for new-borns. They grow out of them so quickly and babygros are more practical than a cute outfit awkward to put on. Clothes in the 3 month up range are defintely more welcome. We also received an Angelcare system. I appreciate many parents see the benefit of these but personally I think they're a waste of money and a cheap monitor does an adequate job. We had responsed to offers of gifts with blank stares and shrugged shoulders so in a way we've no-one to be blame but ourselves. It might be worth letting people know what you have already to avoid expensive, well-intentioned gifts going to waste. Regarding furniture, it depends on your personality and energy levels. Avoiding pressure beats the need for perfection. You really only need the basics for the first 2 - 3 months. We're a fairly laid-back pair anyway and I always thought getting a nursery in shipshape before the arrival only ever happened in films. Gathering bits and bobs has become a work in progress. I'm enjoying it more now than I suspect I would've beforehand because we can check out things at our leisure, snoop around for bargains and combine it other mundane jobs when out and about to help make the maternity leave more enjoyable with some sense of purpose. Sure the baby needs attending to, but the stress eases, and building up the confidence to go out shopping is all part of the experience. There's only so much Maternity Ward a woman can watch. G'luck.