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MrsP2B Posts: 180
Okay, I have heard people describe period like cramps in the first fews weeks of pregnancy during my pregnancy I had nothing but I lost the baby. Should the cramps at the beginning of pregnancy be really bad and can you get some bleeding??????
*Smajra* Posts: 1440
I'm very sorry you lost your baby Tinojan. I'm not really sure what your asking? :? Do you mean is it necessary to get cramps as a sign of a healthy pregnancy? If you do then the answer is no. All pregnancies are different. Sometimes you get cramping due to your womb bloating and expanding which isn't a problem and quite normal. Sometimes its a sign of something else you really never can tell. On my first, I had no cramps and had a very healthy baby. On my second pregnancy I had cramps the whole time and they were quite bad. I was told it was perfectly normal but on week 12 I lost our baby :cry: . Then on my third pregnancy I had the the same bad cramps and was worried sick but again had a very healthy little boy. What I'm trying to say is that unfortunately as every pregnancy is so different its impossible to tell the outcome untill it happens so however its going its better to just try not to worry and take care of yourself.
MrsP2B Posts: 180
Hey mrsdtb, not so much asking if cramps are a sign of a healthy pregnancy but if you have cramps is that bad am worried as it is still early days yet