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little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Have a question about the sperm meets the egg plan. Got my + from OPK on Sat night. DTD before I got the + (earlier that evening) The plan says when you get the + DTD for next three nights skip a night and then give it one last go. Do I include our session from Saturday seeing as it happened a few hours before I did the test?
sally Posts: 1140
I guess it counts as the same day so yeah I would.... are you temping???? I usually keep going till my temp rises and I dont see the point of skiping a day and trying the last time..... I am following that plan as well
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
hi, no I am not temping as I think I am bad enough obsessing with opks. I starting checking for surge this month 5 days before + result. Was getting really upset as I didn't think I would get a positive this month for some reason. I shed a tear then when I got the two lines sat night. promised DH I wouldn't tell him when I test this month as I don't want him to feel pressure. I think he knows though cos I keep jumping him.