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Leanne Battersby Posts: 195
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contented Posts: 2625
hiya, as far as i know you cant fly in the first three / four months or after 32 weeks. just wondering though - why would you stop ttc because of wedding in 2008. I have a friend recovering from her 3rd mis and would have been due three weeks after my wedding - i wouldnt expect her to stop ttc because of my wedding. just an opinion, not a judgement but really suit your needs not a wedding date.
Port Princess Posts: 1154
You can fly anytime up to 32 wks I think then you need a letter from the doc and i think as long as there are no difficulties in the pregnancy you should be okay! Its fine to fly in the first and second trimester. I flew at 12wks on DS1 and we're going on honeymoon to orlando in august and i'll b 25wks! Hope this helps!
MotherNature Posts: 317
I flew at about 11 or 12 weeks and will be doing so again at 29wks. It all boils down to how event free your pregnancy goes, which you won't know until you're actually pregnant. Airlines can ask you to provide a letter from your GP certifying that you're ok to fly if you're going on a flight after around the 30 week mark, but this isn't because of any higher risk to your or the baby, this is because they don't want to take on any women who are likely to pop at 50,000 feet somewhere across the Atlantic. Do not put off trying to start a family for the sake of a wedding. You have no idea how easy or hard it will be for you to conceive until you actually try.
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Hi 1st Month! You'll probably hear very mixed views on this - although I think the general feeling is that it is OK to fly up to late pregnancy. I cancelled a flight a few weeks ago but only because I had spotting and have lost the last two pregnancies. My consultant said it actually would be fine, but mentally if anything happend then I would blame myself so I decided not too. The only problem that I could see for you would be if you had the baby in the months close to the wedding, then you probably wouldn't want to leave it when its very small. Especially if you're breast feeding. Would you be very upset if you didn't go to this wedding??
Leanne Battersby Posts: 195
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Not at all don't be silly!! I think if you knew you were someone that could get pregnant easily then you can time it, otherwise its difficult I think. Maybe start trying and see how you get on. If you get preggers straight away then you'll be fine for the wedding!!