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Oct 04 Posts: 101
Hi Girls, I see from the different reply that a lot of the girls when they get their BFP they have a lot of CM, it is possible not to have this and still be pregnant? Or did anyone have no symptoms at all until their missed AF and then found out they pregnant. Sorry that is a long winded question :-)
Tigletts Posts: 2904
I think everyone is different and has different or more or less symptoms. The only way to find out is to do a test! Good luck.
charli Posts: 5994
me!! i had CM just for 2/3 days when fertile - then i had no other symptom or feeling of being pregnant i did a digital test on day 26 so that was about 2/3 days early and got BFP best of luck - are you within a few days of AF due, you could test?
Oct 04 Posts: 101
Thanks Tigletts, I know I should do a test but just finding it so hard to cope with when it is BFN
ginger nut Posts: 5989
i didn't have any symptoms except for a feeling of nausea but i think i'd already missed my period at that stage....but because my cycle had been a bit irregular i didn't test for a few days as i was sure that month would be one of the "longer" ones. i really didn't expect the BFP when i got if you are late then test. And good luck
pattie Posts: 2379
I didn't have CM as a symptom. My main symptom was a metallic taste. But some people get no symptoms at all. Feeling like you're about to get AF is a common very confusing symptom too! Getting a BFN is so horrible, I got 2 when I tested a couple of days before AF was due. I finally got the BFP the night before it was due. It's worth holding off if you can manage it. Best of luck :babydust:
Oct 04 Posts: 101
It is all a bit confusing, we had been trying for 2 years 2 months exactly and for the last 4 months or so I just gave up as in didn't watch my cycle and tried to completely relax about it , which is so hard but I was so fed up with the disappointment every month. But then on the 26th of May (i think if my memory serves me right) I got what I thought was my period but looking back on it , it was very very strange, look away now TMI - it was brownish blood to start with for 2 days and only a bit of red blood and I only needed to use a panty liner for about 2 days, i had no symthoms at all, normally i would be dying with cramps and headaches for a week before and first 3 days. Now I think my boobs are bit sore and my tummy seems slighty larger than normal and I am so tired............but am I just imaging these symthoms because I want a baby so badly. Thanks if you have read this to the end and yes I know I should take a test but I just feel I should hold out closer to what would be close to AF, I just can't handle another BFN.
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Oct04 that could of been an implantation bleed. You never know. When do you expect AF if it were to appear this month? Did you test last month at all? If you didn't I would say test if you did test when did you test? Was it before or after this bleed you had? Fingers crossed you never know.
Oct 04 Posts: 101
I think AF would due it would be around the 25th of the month but that is only a guess as I had stop trackig but I was always fairly regular. I think I will hold out for another week and then test if I still have these sympthoms. Thanks for your replys, I haven't even said anything to DH coz I feel it will jinx me :-)
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Aww pet, I hope I didn't sound 'smar' when I said only way to find out is to test :xxx You seem to have all the symptoms but I can understand your reluctance to test, and if you do too soon, chances are you might get a bfn anyhow. Try to hang on then till your AF is due. Best of luck, wishing you lots and lots of :babydust: