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iwanttogetmarriednow Posts: 8
Just wondering when you got engaged if many people asked about the size, type of diamond? COST?! I absolutely love my diamond and h2b went above and beyond what i thought he would! I just hate when people put me on the spot looking for answers about it! I feel its rude of them to ask! Anyone else experience this??
fluffiesmam Posts: 1470
i think everyone experiences a little of this.. i just smile and say, not as much as im worth.. generally when people dont get an answer they get the hint, but of course their are some. My best friend's husband has banned for from telling anyone how much her ring was, generally people will draw their own conclusions, its not something that bothers me, i know how much he spent and whether people think its more or less is really irrelevent to me. I can't say i really care about how much other people's rings are, i mean, considering they aren't likely to sell it or use it for collateral for anything in the future, its actually worthless really!! :) :) if its something that bothers you, tell them it cost €25k, guaranteed, even if you told them how much it cost, you will have some guffaw and say it doesnt look like it cost more than a couple of hundred... in fact, they will advise you of where to go to find "your" ring for a mere fraction of the cost, and others will be "wow, well for some eh?" (with a sneer) hence, my reaction is to avoid like the plague. :)
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
No one asked me how much it cost. I got a few comments because I don't have a diamond ring, but that was all. What kind of people ask how much a ring cost?
iwanttogetmarriednow Posts: 8
Thanks for your reply. Will definately use that response when im asked again! Im useless at dodging questions and hate being put on the spot. Cant believe how nosey some people can be and forceful at trying to get the info out of u! I love my ring and thats all that matters in my eyes. Will be prepared from now on! Thanks 4 ur help.
AwkwardAnnie Posts: 2191
Yes, there will be some people who will ask how much the ring cost!! I couldn't believe it the first time someone asked!!
lulu126 Posts: 1095
[quote="Anne Cordelia Shirley":ntfn8zo0]No one asked me how much it cost. What kind of people ask how much a ring cost?[/quote:ntfn8zo0] +1! I'd never dream of asking anyone and I'd make known that I didn't appreciate being asked if I ever was! I think that's up there with asking someone what their salary is!
Dollydel Posts: 1726
Nobody asked me how much my ring was. I would tell them to mind their own business if they did. The only horrible comment I got was from my sister who said it wasn't that big, but that was expected.
iwanttogetmarriednow Posts: 8
Ya was totally shocked when my friend asked me the price. She's a close friend and we tell each other most things but felt it was none of her business! Think she's still a bit annoyed with me over it...! Thanks for your replies..glad im not the only one thats getting the twenty questions!!!!!
Eleanor Rigby Posts: 1067
It's funny how people can be... in the past if anyone I know has gotten engaged I've instantly just told them it's beautiful, they must be delighted, and wished them the best. I'd never DREAM of asking the carat, colour, clarity or cost of a ring because I think it's rude... but others mightn't see it that way. So far I've not had many rude comments, the only person who asked how much it cost is my Mum but she's just being nosy. I told her more than her car (most likely it wasn't) and it put that to bed! I wouldn't be too concerned about how people react, you can find ways to be vague and polite at the same time. I'd say that you had no idea how much it cost because it was a gift from your H2B and that you're delighted with it! I am finding that people are being a lot more nosy about things relating to the wedding e.g. "how much is that per head". I'm just keeping my cards close to my chest!
amthee Posts: 688
I can't believe people would ask how much your emgagement ring cost! I was in my sisters house and her horrible sister in law was there. She asked to see my ring and instantly asked what size carrat it was! :ooh I couldn't believe it. I have only met her a few times, not even my best friend asked me that question!