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Daff Posts: 11644
Hope some of yoiu can help me - really silly question: What actually happens when you give birth! ie. what rooms are you in, who else is there? Do you have a birthing suite that you are in on your own or do you go through labour in same room as other women? I know it's really silly question, but dont' have a clue! Thanks :wv
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
Hey DB I had DS this time last year. I went to the delivery ward to be assessed when I went in but I stayed there as I was 1/2cm dilated when I was admitted. There are something like 5/6 delivery rooms, one of which has 2 beds. When I was doing a tour of the ward, they said that they usually just put women in this room at first but then move them to a single occupancy room but I was in this 2 bed room for my whole labour. There was another woman there but she was moved so in the end if was just me and DH and midwife in the room, with a curtina dividing the 2 halfs. TBH I didn't really notice who was there, I was so out of it on gas and air. You will defo not labour in the same room as another woman unless you are left in this 2 bed room. I am hoping to get a single room this time during labour, for no particular reason TBH! It will only be you, DH and midwife in the room at all times. Unless someone comes to put in an epi etc. Once you are in labour, you prob won't care less where you are!
Daff Posts: 11644
Thanks WedJUl05. I know when the time comes I probably won't care, but I'd definatley prefer to be on my own as I know I'll be really selfconcious of how I'm acting in front of other people, but as yoiu siad I'll probably be out of it by then!!! Thanks for letting me know how it is :thnk
lila Posts: 982
I had my own room for the labour. At that stage you are sp busy concentrating on contractions/wait for epi that you don't care who is in the room. Most of the time it was DH and the midwife. A few times I had to have the on call consultant as well as the sister due to a few complications as well as a really long labour but you really don't care as you know these people are giving you the best care. I just kept thinking that these people see all sorts of stuff every day and they are looking after you and your baby. I actually did feel i was the only one in labour at the time as they were so good. I ended up with an emergency section so there were about 10 people prepped and ready to go in the theatre....again you'll be so focused on your baby and whats about to happen that you don't care who is in the room :xox