questions during make up trial

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sarahstrikes Posts: 214
I have my make-up trial this evening. Just wondering what kind of questions I should be asking, what I should be dictating to her ect. Any advice would be great. Thanks :o)ll
Magsk Posts: 644
I alos have a makeup trial tomorrow would love some tips on what to ask also? :wv
AwkwardAnnie Posts: 2191
Sodapop Posts: 3220
- *) ask about how the make up will look in a photo (some foundations relfect light with the flash / sometimes sparkly eyes dont translate well in photographs). - *) You should ask for a foundation that is long wearing and smudge/rub free and maybe stick to a brand you know you are not allergic to! - *) make sure your eyeshadows have their own primer so it lasts all day - same with primer for the foundation - *) tell your make up artist from outset what you want / what you are thinking - even bring a picture of something you like - dramatic or classic or whatever else - dont leave it up to them totally - yes they can suggest what colours suit your skin tone etc - but you must decide if you want smokey eyes or not (for example) - *) I used my own lipgloss as I wanted to be able to re-apply the same colour all the time. Hope this helps girls.
candlequeen Posts: 991
*Tell her if you're going to be wearing tan on the day. *Ask her to take photographs of you with and without flash. *Discuss eyelashes - will you be using false lashes, lash extensions or just mascara? *Ask about how she'll set the make-up so that it's not going to smudge. *If she's using a particular lipstick or lipgloss, make sure & get the brand name & colour if it's not your own so that you can top up on the day. Can't think of anything else, but maybe a few hours after she leaves get someone to take another picture of you with & without flash to see how it's holding up. I've got mine on Tuesday, hope yours goes well!
danekawilsonmakeup Posts: 120
usually the questions I am asked is what to do skincare-wise on the lead up to the wedding and about foundation (how long should it last...etc) and lashes (again, how long will they last, whats the best ones to use). Also about topping up lippy on the big day but I always give brides a sample anyway so they dont need to go buying it if they dont want to. After that then its generally times to start on the morning of the wedding- how long each makeup will take- whether hair or makeup should be done first. it is always brilliant for the bride to bring pics of looks that you like to the trial so the MUA can get a good idea of what style you like. Best of luck with it!